Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sports Reporters Seeking New Lows

This is not a joke. A sportswriter has tweeted that Mrs. Tiger Woods asking for $750 mil speaks to her low character. Yeah, low character. yeah, so was she the one banging hookers, porn performers, random women, Perkins waitresses and the neighbor's daughter? yeah low character. So was she the one who said time off was needed, but that time away from golf was just the offseason? Yeah low character. So she was the one who humiliated him in the tabloids for weeks and months? So she was the one who cheated during her pregnancy? You get my point.

Here's the sad part: this guy is one of the better sports writers. He will often state unpopular things or non-conventional sports stuff. He needs Tiger though. This is the problem of access journalism. The reporters need the athletes for quotes and stories. They must rally around them and defend them. Even if they take shots, they must be careful, and it must be very safe. Just apply this to political, financial and celeb reporters and repeat. This is part of why the old media is dying away. Something as small as a Twitter feed and its 140 characters can reveal an awful lot about a person.

Shame on you Whitlock. I'll still read you during football season, but this was a douchey offhand response.

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