Monday, May 17, 2010

Political Campaign Song

In the event that I ever ran for public office that was state wide, I would need a campaign song. You can't just pick any song, ask Hill-dawg Clinton who picked "Captain Jack" for her 1st Senate run. It is hard to decide a party to run with since they are both pretty despicable, but I'd probably run as a small government, socially liberal republican. Getting government out of people's lives, letting individuals have the freedom to choose how to live their lives, etc etc. As a republican that would be socially liberal yet believe in traditional values, I'd always be under attack by the Huckabee type GOP candidates who try to portray themselves as Jesus' candidate. I dislike that. It disgusts me. I'd use a secret weapon, the campaign song.

Kyrie - Mr. Mister

It has a secret Christian meaning to it, so all Christian & evangelical voters would dig it. It's also got a great melody and some great lines: "down the road that I must travel", "where I go, and will you follow", and "would I have fallen down my chosen road". It's not country as well, which is huge, because in the sad state of modern music, only country can be used by the GOP. I'd end every speech with the intro starting in the background. When I'd end the speech, it'd be cranking up to the first chorus. Yeah, it's political rally gold. It's positive, feel good, a bit cheesey and not beat you over the head Christian so non-religious voters would not be afraid.

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