Saturday, May 22, 2010

More LOST Opportunities

Since LOST totally goofed on MIB/Jacob episode, I have to think the finale will get goofed as well. The creators have mentioned how the finale will be more about resolving characters' storylines than answering questions. Yeah just what we want, more Kate resolution than island answers. A couple of things I have thought were about how they might send people, and maybe more folks will stay on the Island. I'm changing my mind and flipping some things on who ends up where.

Hurley is a wanted criminal, has some resolution with his folks already, and has no one on the outside. Whenever he is in the outside world, he's in sanitariums or on the run. Hurley on the island can talk to dead friends, has friends currently on the island, is considered a candidate (could replace jack some day), and can enjoy life on a tropical island. He's going to be best buds with a guy who has power to bring people to an island. I now think Hurley stays on the island.

Sawyer could die. I'm going out on a limb and saying they will kill off Sawyer in some heroic gesture. When they were first marooned, Sawyer was fine with living on the island. He also bailed when they were trying to escape in the chopper. He really dug his life as Lafluer. He's had a determination to leave after Juliet died, but he's also antagonized Widmore and MIB. Those two could kill him with their resources and abilities. It's like he has a death wish. What does he have to go back to? The show will have to kill off some heavy hitters. They have done so already with Sun/Jin and Sayid. Sawyer is next.

The LOST creators said they learned from the Sopranos finale and won't repeat that mistake, which was just the epic cut rather than the spotty answers & slow motion malaise of this final season of LOST. I'm hopeful, but election 2008 taught us hope is a feeling, it doesn't generate results.

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