Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial Day Dos and Don'ts

Dos: Grill meat, drink alcohol, breathe the sweet air of freedom, eat red-white-blue jello, and most importantly, pay tribute to the memory of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom

Don'ts: Puke at family functions, get drunk in front of your kids, skip out on visiting Arlington National Cemetery when you are the commander in chief of the US military when leading during two wars

Simple and nice bit on why this might bother average Americans. I've been to Arlington National Cemetery multiple times. The rows and rows of crosses all in line will spook you out. Beyond numbers in a history book, those crosses show you the sacrifice that has been made to preserve the constitutional rights of Americans and yes, protect freedom for others. When I was 11-ish, I even got to meet a guard of the unknown soldier by accident after a change of guard in the men's room. Shaking his hand, he seemed a giant at the time, and he was prob a 22 year old kid.

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