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LOST Favorite Characters

LOST is coming to an end and this week is salute LOST week. Today I countdown favorite characters. This list goes from least to most and will take detours before we get to the top 10. The last regular episode revealed the bit I noted way back that all of them were flawed people. None of them were purely good. A secret to LOST is that they introduced new characters constantly, and hit home runs most of the time. Few shows can do this. MASH and Cheers come to mind, but not many others. Let's count down my faves.

#357 - Kate Austen - LOST had a great core of 5 guys. Then the execs said "we need a female lead love interest". This was how Kate was created. Her lame love triangle with Sawyer and Jack, and her weird gravitational pull towards Sawyer after all of his terrible asshole attitude set back the women's movement. I wish they had killed her off several seasons ago.

#294 - Lennon - Solid actor but bad character. I cheered when he got iced. Douche.

#212 - Michael - A whining little bitch of a character who was always yelling "WALT!?!?!" How annoying was he? Every scene with him was painful. Shut up. Come up with a plan instead of moping around. At least he redeemed himself with his freighter work.

#195 - Ana Lucia - Stop talking with your teeth bared like Jack Nicholson in 1974. You were annoying. Worst career move ever: drinking and driving. That is why the LOST people killed you off. Same goes for Libby.

#144 - Mikhail - Awesome accent, awesome eye patch, gritty SOB. Not much screen time but he made it count. Kind of a mean evil douche though, and he is far more evil than the other Others.

#102 - Ilana - Worst muddled European accent ever. Exact opposite of Mikhail. Go to acting school. Easy on the eyes, but you sucked as an actor and blew yourself up with unstable dynamite. Dumb.

#84 - Lapidus - The name, the voice, the grey hair. Lapidus.

#56 - Sawyer - I would have shot him myself after he staged the Sun kidnapping to get back his stuff. Oh golly Sawyer it was 20 days on the island and you wanted your stuff back??? Hated his nicknames. Hated how even when dealing with a millionaire and a smoke monster he's trying to do his stupid con man trick to get away. This is bigger than you. Also, how did he make dopey eyes on Kate in 1977 when she shows up after being with Juliet for 3 years. You knew Kate for 44 days asshole?!?!?!?!!? Plus, it's Kate. At least he does good things from time to time... go fuck yourself Sawyer.

#33 Bernard and Rose - Two more regular people on the island. Great love story. Fantastic how Bernard is obsessive about getting off the island until Rose tells him she is fine. He has the courage and faith to believe her. I loved their attitude to the core characters marching through the jungle to shoot at people again.

#25 - Richard - True fact: the actor doesn't age either. Richard does everything to save his wife, who dies, then he has one wish and he wishes to live forever. Kind of weird. Great island professor or encyclopedia. I wish they had used him more during the series.

#17 - Tom - My favorite ancillary Other. Great voice. Great line to chill Kate out "Don't worry sweetheart you're not my type" as she changed in front of him. The beard was epic, yet it was a fake! He had personality and was not such a mystical douche, which is what a lot of the Others turned out to be.

#10 - Miles - Miles represents what every fan on the show would be if suddenly on the island. He asks smart questions. He challenges people's stupid assumptions. He calls out the insane magic stuff that happens. He also has a great sense of humor. On the parent/child theme, he has a great moment with his father in 1977 on the island. He learns about his dad, discovers some truths, and lets go of some of the anger and frustrations he held onto. He also has terrible facial hair.

#9 - Rousseau - Bad Ass woman who survives on a crazy island for 16 years on her own. She loses points for being crazy. The episode where she finally meets her daughter was emotional and once again drilled home the parent-child theme. When they introduced her, I thought it was a brilliant touch that there were other people who came to the island who were hoping to leave, or at least thought of the island as foreign and alien.

#8 - Eloise Hawking - She is the mysterious lady who always knows what has to happen. She has the gift of foresight, yet kills her own son. Her demeanor is one of control and intelligence. She is pretty strong and there is an air of power around her. I love her in every scene she is in, and her character has one of the most amazing stories to it. She killed her own son, but doesn't know it until he grows and starts to look just like the man she shot in the 70s. The weight of that burden must have been immense, and her scenes with adult Daniel show that.

#7 - Hugo Hurley Reyes - He has developed from the shy, depressed loser to a stronger, independent man. He has a sweet innocence, and his plight of seeing dead people and hallucinating for real makes him very easy to cheer on during the show. He was once an Eyore type character in the outside world, but on the island, he's become a bit of a leader. You want Hurley to win, get the girl, come up with a plan.

#6 - Sayid - Sayid is the great example of the theme throughout LOST of what defines good and hwat defines evil. Can people straddle the line? Sayid is a means to and end guy. Is it OK to do bad things to help people? There is something amazing how no matter what he tries to do, he always gets sucked back into killing, beating or torturing someone.... and even though he says he is not that kind of man, he always seems to enjoy it. His redemption was excellent.

#5 - Ben Linus - The most complicated character. One of the best characters to ever be on a TV drama. His run through seasons 3 and 4 is incredible, and that work was rewarded with an Emmy. Everything is about him. He can try to do good, try to be good, but he will always choose Ben's best interest first. He kills Jacob because of Jacob's rejection of him for years. His daughter dies because of his choice. As LOST is a show about parent/child relationships and free will/choice vs. fate, Ben makes the horrendous choice that kills his daughter. He blames others when his choices go bad. He also does manipulate people with superb skill and always has a plan.

#4 - Jack Shephard - This is the character most like me, and I sympathize with his little problems back in the real world. I can see myself on the island doing what Jack did: always trying to help people out, be the source of strength and get off the frickin' island. His character development has been good, but I feel the writers wasted him in the '70s. He hit rock bottom and found purpose but then in the 70s just pouted. The worst thing they had him say in 6 seasons was "i will set things back and have a chance with Kate". Seriously, he'd detonate a bomb to try to get with fugitive Kate? Terrible. Greatest thing he did: set Ben Linus up to die on the operating table if they did not let his friends go. Awesome. Besides that, I love how he has grown to feel the island. He is now the protector, and we'll see if he can find a way to solve the riddle of the MIB.

#3 Mr. Eko - My favorite flawed character died far too early. Remember when LOST killed people every other episode? The protective big bro turned mob thug turned fake priest turned spiritual guide on the island. I loved how he was a spiritual yin to Locke's yang on the island. He was forever trying to make up for his failings and his sins. The stick with carvings that he carried was a nice touch. When he built the church with Charley, it was the kind of C story arc to an episode that LOST has not done in the last 2 seasons. The actor, whom you may recall from Oz, was very deliberate with his delivery and played Eko as incredibly patient on the island. I miss Eko.

#2 - Locke - The man who believed. The gifted, chosen one who lived a horrible life. He was the smarty pants who even as a child rejected it to be a hunter man type. He always loved the island. It gave him his legs back and gave him purpose in life. He believed in destiny and believed they should stay on the island. He left his old life behind with no hesitation. The island was a getaway from the mundane world of modern society for him. It was the walkabout that offered true challenges and true enlightenment and fulfillment. I hope he comes back to us.

#1 - Desmond - He travels through time, calls people brutha and will forever love his Pen-nay. His is driven to forever prove his worth to Pen and get approval of her father. He's got a great, realistic spirit, which the show often lacks with its characters. The classic storyline of separated lovers is tough to sell in our current society as across the world flights are possible for 1st world citizens. Instantaneous contact is possible. Desmond is stuck on an island that no one can find and he can't escape from either. He has to travel through time to stay alive and to get to her. It is romantic in a world lacking romance. It is human in a show that so often is supernatural and scientific. I hope he survives the finale. I hope he gets back to Penny & Charley.

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