Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Disney Twisted Minds

J. Scott Campbell was the artistic genius behind Gen-13 which was an Image comic from the early 90s that was fantastic. It was tied together within the Jim Lee universe in Image where these were the children of the first gen hero troop (Team 7) that populated different groups in Jim Lee's universe. He drew females well, and one thing I tip my cap to him about was his realistic version of women. In the 90s, all superheroines were shaped more ridiculous than Barbie. Gen 13 had one bombshell, and then two sporty & sexy, yet more realistic, young women. He has created hypersexualized prints of the Disney princesses (as well as other famous fictional females). No realism here. This takes my tongue in cheek look at the Disney princess crew and pushes it to the extreme of imagination. The Wizard of Oz print as well as the Eve print are cool. Once again, Belle gets the win as J. Scott Campbell combined Belle with garters and stockings.

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