Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Betty White on SNL

Betty White's SNL appearance was fantastic. I had high hopes. Seeing the first sketch, I was worried they were going to use her like they used Zach Gala..kis where they plug & play. My hopes were fading. Then they let her give a good monologue without any interruptions from their dipstick cast. I enjoyed how they used her as the focal point of a sketch and sometimes just as a little spice. They got around her being old & frail and it being midnight. My wife liked the Victorian Era Lesbian sketch. MacGruber and his Gramma was entertaining "Poocasso". My absolute favorite was CSI: Sarasota as David Caruso's gramma solving crimes. The sunglasses and then Daltrey "Yeaahh" scream is a funny Internet meme in its own right, but added to a mock serious Betty White face is hilarious. I was losing it.

As White mentioned in her monologue, she was there because of the power of Facebook. She also delivered the best ratings for SNL in 3 years. SNL should pay attention to this and find a way to exploit it. What if they started up a Facebook group, paying some random person or one of their staffrs to start a "Let's have XX person Host SNL". Start up like 5 of these. Whichever one catches fire, book them. Could we have a Pacino SNL? I bet for the right paycheck, yes. Stunt casting would be far better for ratings, and far more entertaining to enough people than the horrible, horrible performances that people like Taylor Swift or Taylor Lautner deliver on SNL.

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