Friday, April 30, 2010

Van Morrison - And It Stoned Me

And It Stoned Me - My fave Van Morrison song. Reading his motivation for writing the song, his inspiration, I am so happy. The imagery in the lyrics is a timeless summer day for a kid. Morrison's singing voice is a wonderful instrument. It sounds so sad and earnest, like there is a weight and feel to the sound as it leaves the speaker. This song really showcases his pipes and there is that wistful longing and joy from the memory of the old day that the singer recalls. I also like how the little bridge is instrumental. I love horns in music. Horns are a welcome addition to any song. I think is why ska went huge in the late 90s only to be then destroyed by MTV as it wasn't dumb or misogynistic enough for their executives. Van Morrison is glad to deliver the horns.

While I could not find a video for it, I did find something for my 2nd favorite Van Morrison song.

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