Sunday, April 11, 2010

NY Times Rich People Stupidity

Whenever poor people or hicks are exposed to sophisticated or normal things for the elite, they are called dumb for not understanding it. Watch these two NY Times dorks discuss the secret burger this woman makes that she names "Logan County Burgers" after where her Gramma came from in West Virginia. Yes, that is banjo in the background. It's called a PATTY MELT and everyone else in America knows about it. "Hicks" from the sticks would treat these sophisticated elites as tards for not knowing what a Patty Melt is. She even says it is a Patty Melt. The guy annoys me. Has he never heard of a Patty Melt? He wants to pair the PM with a wine.

Note: The health section in the NY Times has two articles on how Health Care Reform MAY help some things. Hmmm, the propaganda wing of the party is in high gear.

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