Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mtv's Fresh Meat 2

MTV has their new challenge series: Fresh Meat 2. This is the concept of MTV taking their RW/RR challenge competitors and adding newbies to form 2 person teams. This injects new blood, fresh meat, into the RW/RR world. It has challenges, drama, love, and drunken stupidity. Here's some love/hate...

I love that Kenny is on this show with NONE of his normal d-bag friends who monopolize the game and make it boring.

I hate that they set it in British Columbia Canada which will be colder than other places, therefore, limiting the bikini scenes.

I love that Wes and Ev are running this show. They have a great alliance. They are both good players, and they have IQs higher than 80.

I hate that the newbies are mostly pretty people. Few people look tough or crazy.

I love that Landon is competing and joined an alliance instead of trying to play 'honest'.

I hate that the Fresh Meat did not have more time together before the actual competition. This limits the soap opera drama between them.

I love Evelyn directing the guys in her alliance, sporting some fit arms, and playing the role of savvy veteran for the lesser experienced players. She is cute, smart and seems like a fun girl to party with. If I had to have a friendship or romantic relationship with a RW/RR competitor girl, I'm leaning now towards Evelyn over Kellyanne.

I hate the tranny competing vs. the girls. Yeah she is a 'girl', but come on, Look at her. She is also a karate master. This is absolutely not fair to any other girl, even the 6 footer.

I love that the little Asian girl said if she'd won she'd buy herself implants "i'm gonna put some Ds on this bitch". Classy.

I hate that Paula is already out after 3 episodes. I need more crazy, low self esteem, fake boobed rambling women in my life. I don't know anyone that crazy or with that low self esteem. She has a great sense of humor, oftentimes making fun of herself and the RW/RR world.

I love that Sarah and Jenn cleaned up. They both got new haircuts, better make up, and got in slightly better shape. Jenn also said she was done with girls. They must realize that the hotter you look on the RW/RR challenges the more likely you are to be asked back next season.

This is mindless fun. RW/RR delivers the goods with a soap opera for idiots mixed with athletic competitions. MTV is a bad TV channel, with limited programming appeal to me. Part of this is me aging and moving out of the target demographic. With LOST ending soon and no Mad Men until late summer, I will need one TV show to justify the cable bill.

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