Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Sports Idea: Squad 6

Buried in this story about Milwaukee's Squad 6 are the reasons for the NBA's collapse. Andrew Bogut has bought 100 tickets to give to crazy fans, who have to audition for the tix and keep up their craziness, in the lower section of the arena. The story says how no one has ever heard of anything like this. The 'this' would be the $10 million dollar player spending $100K this year on tix for fans. This Squad 6 gives their home games a distinct home court advantage, and the rest of the crowd gets energized by the 100 crazies of Squad 6.

Go figure, a player spends 1% of his annual income and it reaps the entire team (and him) a huge positive. No bad music, no jumbotron effects, no cheer and dance teams necessary. A player thinking beyond his own personal gain? What a shock in this day and age. Sad part is that the $100K will only cover 100 tix (when combined with discounts and comp tix). The tix he bought have a face value of $96 and are in the upper section of the lower bowl. That is why teams can't get 10,000 paying fans. That is why the NBA needs a lock out and restructuring. If entire nations need to revise how they spend cash, then luxury toy type entities (sports leagues) need to consider it as well.

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