Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gays and The Liberal President

It's got to suck being a gay Obama voter. You supported him from day 1 or at least when he overtook Hill-dawg as the new thing for the Democrats. You supported the stimulus until unemployment went even higher than Obama said it would if the stimulus didn't pass. You supported him through the bowing, the bank deal making, the crap, and felt joy when you heard him mention DADT at the state of the union. You felt joy when he said gay partners could visit family in the hospital... until you read the fine details and found out it was just a presidential memo not an executive order and did not apply to hopsitals that did not accept Medicaid or Medicare funds. You now much feel pretty stupid when he now is pushing DADT repeal into the "future". I'll give gay people credit, they are not going down quietly. (I haven't decided if the "yes we can" chant is the other Obamabots drowning out the gays or mocking his previous stock phrase) Kudos to the gays who protested chained to the fence at the White House. Of course the cops forcibly removed them, but they did a peaceful demonstration.

This is why voting blocs based on victim status and grievances are tough to manage.

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