Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Final 4

My family and I attended this year's NCAA Final Four weekend. My house was the hotel and food center, and my company's gated parking lot downtown was the security. There were 2 great games that had suspense and drama, and one dud. Both came down to the final shot. The games left knots in your stomach. With Butler's campus being in the city of Indianapolis, just north 40 blocks from the stadium, it was like watching a Butler home game, but with a supersized crowd. I loved the experience. It was great to see my dad and uncle enjoy the game ("It's off the bucket list!"), and to see my cousin get out of his house for a weekend. My wife and mom spent the weekend shopping, picking out furniture and paint, and cooking a great Easter dinner.

Sports are a good waste of time and energy for adults to watch, but seeing them live is to be part of a group experience. The 'single serving' friends you can make at games are great. Hugging random strangers and shouting in joy or pain can be memorable experiences. I will never forget the exclamation when the final halfcourt shot just missed. 50K Butler supporters sulked with a robbed look on their face as the Duke players and their few fans cheered was so depressing. Shuffling out from the stadium, 50K people couldn't look more gloomy. It's a great and memorable loss. For a fan, I will proudly say I was there and remember the hope and despair that hit bang bang in under a second.

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