Monday, March 15, 2010

Somewhere the Hamburglar Gets his Mask

There are numerous reasons to be disgusted with this report. This one is even worse. Working under the assumption of any publicity is good publicity, this type of report belongs on the Tyra Banks show. This should not be spotlighted in any way by the mainstream media as it is horrible to show someone relishing the idea of becoming 1000 lbs. Men pay to see her eat fast food??? This further proves my point that the Internet is a disgusting place that benefits pervs. Unhealthy. It took 30 medics to deliver her youngest child when she was 40. 30 medics. That is why health care costs are going up. Fatties are procreating. I do want to know who was sleeping with her at 513 lbs. She turned down gastric bypass because a friend died under the knife. OK, so she turned to a low probability of death in surgery for a high probability of death prior to age 60 from her obesity? Great decision making. People should be free to do as they wish with things like eating, but if your eating sends you to an early grave... no sympathy.

If something tragic happened to my wife and I had no children to raise, I'd probably become a serial killer. You know who I would target first: criminals. You know who I would target second: the morbidly obese (they can't outrun me). It is one thing to be a vigilante hunting down released criminals. It's another to be a serial killer by the name of "The Blimpy Slayer". I'd leave a calling card of vegetables stuffed in their mouth.

In all seriousness, you and I will be picking up her health care bill, as her high health costs are spread over an entire company's block of business. Your premiums have a fatty risk premium layered in, and sadly they cannot reward us enough for being in shape.

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