Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sliders was a short lived series on Fox designed for sci fi fans and teenage boys. It was a cool concept where a TV show would play the comic book role of 'what if' with one episode teleplays. There was always the idea of jumping at the right time, kind of like Quantum Leap, but there is the fun of the Star Trek "explore the planet" throughout an episode. My favorite episode involved them jumping to a world where the US is under Martial Law. J. Edgar Hoover took control after the JFK assassination and cops wear kilt like skirts. It's kind of funny and plenty interesting. I loved that episode, "Time Again and World", and though that was one of the best episodes they had for social commentary. Just how fast would people accept the loss of rights? Just how long would it take before people forgot what it used to be like? That was the potential for the show. Unfortunately, FOX was the broadcast station airing it, and they ran it into the ground.

Side note: look at those 4 leads. The sidekick from Indiana Jones and the fat kid from Stand by Me are the main leads. The young woman is a pixie I never saw elsewhere, and the black guy is recognizable as a 'that guy'.

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