Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mortgage Mess

Today was another day of figuring out that the banks have fucked themselves royally, and are now taking it out on qualified borrowers. I just want to take a moment to thank a bunch of people for making the final week of the mortgage and closing process such a rigamaroll:

1. Fuck fly by night mortgage shops
2. Fuck Wall St. banks
3. Fuck Mortgage underwriters who slacked last decade
4. Fuck appraisers who inflated values to get loans approved
5. Fuck inspectors who didnt do their job
6. Fuck realtors, especially newly minted ones who did too much time in the tanning booth and not enough time learning about markets
7. Fuck buyers. In all seriousness, people still bought homes without inspections, bought homes well above their means, used mortgages they knew nothing about and felt entitled to the good life without sacrificing for it.
8. Fuck government officials of all locations who enlarged their tax take on the back of the property tax bubble or patronage jobs of appointing people to government housing programs.
9. Fuck Alan Greenspan
10. Fuck the petrodollar and export surplus dollar recyclers

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