Monday, March 22, 2010

Level Headed Quickie on HCR and the Near Future

This echoes some of my thoughts and fears. How are we going to pay for another 800 lb entitlement program?

Despite all his stupidity, evilness, arrogance, idiocy, sinister-ocity, worst person in the worldness, when W and the GOP controlled congress had their plans on changing Social Security so that people would own some of the money they gave to SS when they retired, W and Co. stopped their plans to change a massive entitlement program because a majority of Americans did not support it.**

**scroll down to the CBS-NY Times poll of June 2005 where they ask people about options for fixing SS and people do not favor doing anything but raising the capped limit for taxing for SS. This would add 7 years to SS's lifespan, whoopteedoo. Yup, no one wants to sacrifice.

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