Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HCR Thought

Some people are worried that the HCR move is going to drive up rates from insurers which will make it easy for the government to step in and say "hey let's do it through the govt and save everyone money". I dont think this will happen. In sequence...

1. Insurance companies will raise rates because they will have to remove the pre-existing exclusion.
2. This will make people angry.
3. Barry or Nancy or whomever will say "let's do it govt style".
4. People say: "We didnt want your HCR last time, we don't trust you now" and "You lied about Medicare cuts and now my disabled or old relatives died because they had lived long enough".

I'm not too worried because I have a feeling the US federal govt will have a currency crisis in th enext 5 years and some of the first things to go will be these joker rules, subsidies and programs and closing some of our foreign military bases. If you fought against the HCR bill, and looking at the numbers, you probably did, do not be sad that good reforms are not there (tort reform) and the HCR is full of crap, be happy that the uber-lib version of HCR that they floated last spring died. Plus, maybe the Supreme Court will rule a mandate unconstitutional.

I feel bad for Obama-bots who really wanted the super liberal version of this reform and got a shit salad. He had to pass anything and call it legendary reform, even if it forces people to buy insurance.

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