Monday, March 08, 2010

Free Female Condoms in Washington DC

Washington DC is now handing out female condoms to help stem the rise of HIV-AIDS. The Washington Post has a little snark in the report. I'm really torn on this. On one side, I am glad that free condoms, oh wait, they are not free, they are MACS cosmetics funded female condoms, will help people protect themselves from HIV-AIDS. I am glad they are trying to help the hardest hit communities. I am glad they are targeting women, since in the end for consenting adults, if a woman shuts the sexy time down, it's over.

On the flip side, so adults can't just get the condoms themselves? Women also can't get their men to agree to wear a condom? Men are so fricking irresponsible that they do not wear condoms when they are part of an at risk ethnic group within an at risk geographic area. The victimization of the women is taken to a peak later in the Wapo article with this snippet...

Activists say poor women often are reluctant to protest when their husbands and
boyfriends refuse to use male condoms because they are dependent on the man's

Yup, the Post calls these women prostitutes who basically exchange sex for money. These women can't make their own money. They have nothing else to give their man but sex. Way to go Wapo to reduce these poor women to whores-victims. One could flip that statement and say they exchange simple condom free sex for money from foolish men who may contract HIV from the very woman they are supporting without knowing it. To get back to the main point, it removes the need for an adult to make a decision on thier own, to plan for consequences, and to take responsibility for their actions. If you want to have sex and not get diseases, use condoms. It is as simple as that.

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"AG" said...

Only the subsidized, medicated, pathologized liberal-sponsored victims can have access to the simple truth. Snark.