Sunday, March 14, 2010

Corpse Bride

Emily the Corpse Bride. Now that I know Helena Bonham Carter is married to Tim Burton, the shape of and size of the corpse bride's head in relation to her body makes much more sense. People sometimes wonder how the weird and quirky Tim Burton still makes films in the bland world of modern Hollywood. Look at his resume of films. The man prints money for studios. He manages to make kids films that adults, goths and hipsters like. He has a built in quirky audience, plus he can cast Johnny Depp and lure in the ladies.

The Corpse Bride was a weird film, but enjoyable. Burton's stop motion stuff is like the dark bad friend of the Pixar kid. They are two sides of a childhood coin. The Corpse Bride tackles love in a way no Pixar or lame Dreamworks cartoon movie would. Interesting to tackle the subject of necrophilia in an animated format. The ending is not predictable within the first 10 mins like so many kids' films.

Side Note: I had a friend who looked like Emily the Corpse Bride. Had she embraced the resemblance, it would have made a great Halloween costume. She has yet to do so, but I have lost touch with her, so I cannot verify the accuracy of that statement.

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