Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Andrew Sullivan

Back when Andrew Sullivan was a cool socially liberal sort of conservative guy, he had a daily blog that would tackle important topics as well as trivial shit. He would give these awards for treason sounding comments, defeatism, etc. He was very entertaining. He once made a comment on how the Brits didn't stack up to Americans for beauty, and wondered why the papers were so anti-american women. Yours truly answered him. He actually posted it. It was August 14th. I checked the archives. He doesn't keep letters 9 years old, so you can't see what I wrote. To paraphrase: the melting pot helped blend many different Euro features whereas each Euro country has its look and sticks to its look because of little mobility. An australian guy responded to my letter in a ferocious way. If I recall correctly, chicken legs with balloons attached to their chests. I guess he surfs for porn a lot.

Then Sept 11th happened and Sullivan couldn't write about silly things like British papers being anti-american women and Gary Condit in between important policy stuff. Nine years have passed. He's back to writing about silly things like John Edwards and Trig's paternity.

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