Friday, March 12, 2010

Ahhhh High School Memories

I loved this song. Great 90s al rock radio song. Much stronger than "The Freshmen". The Freshmen was a moaning, whining song. Photograph rocked. I'm not a fan of whining music. Moody, sad music is great, after all, I enjoy songs by the Cure. The 90s was populated with bands that whined about lame shit. The poster boy for that era, Kurt Cobain, killed himself at the peak of his powers.... or his wife had him killed to launch her career. What was so bad for Kurt? Stop whining. All of the 90s alt rock bands went through this, and if you look at that era's progression, you see angst and depression from the drug gang wars in the cities, the bad recession, HIV killing people's sex lives. As time goes on, people get happier and the music becomes pop friendly and happy. The end of the 90s had asshats likes 3rd eye blind, smash mouth, spears, nsynch, backstreet boys and lame rap rock bands dominating the airwaves. Economic advancement, the drop in fear of HIV, drugs going back to recreational instead of scary and other factors contributed to this vibe.

I remember the Newsweek magazine cover with the headline of "yeah we saved the earth" patting humanity's back for recycling and other good environment stuff we had done since the early 70s.

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