Monday, February 08, 2010


From my mom's tooth-gum structure, I inherited a small gap between my front two teeth. After having braces, the two teeth slowly slid apart. It's small but noticeable. For years, I thought the only solution would be $600-1200 per tooth 'lumineers' which are like veneers but not permanent (they last 20 years, don't look like "Chiclets" and don't involve filing down your teeth). For 8 dollars & in 2 weeks, I'll have that gap fixed. I always found that gap annoying, and I know it pissed my mom and dad off since they spent good money on braces only to see that tiny gap form. I told them they can claim to have fixed it with braces since this procedure will only cost $8.

Dental technology advancements kick ass.


"AG" said...

"Sometimes I wish I could wrap my arms around insecure people and transfer some of my confidence to them. To forever beat oneself up over imaginary faults is a sad exercise that yields no gains."

Son of Brock Landers said...

thanks. i'm a lil hypocritical here.