Saturday, February 20, 2010

Movie Idea: The 9/11 Identity Switch

Trying to branch out my idiotic movie ideas into new genres, I'm going to offer up a movie for the adult drama crowd. The crowd that watches Richard Gere movies that aren't deep and just show him in a blazer in every scene.

It's Sept 10th 2001, guy is at work. You see him with his coworkers in NYC. He plays the "I'm working late honey I'm not coming home tonight Don Draper special" and sneaks away to have sex with his mistress. He wakes up the next morning a bit late and goes off to work. One problem: his office is now destroyed since he worked in the World Trade Center. In the cab, he hears the radio reports of the towers being on fire, the fire trucks and cop cars are zooming by, and he makes a choice. He runs for it and starts fresh elsewhere.

See no one but his mistress knew where he was that night, and his family would expect him to be at work by 9am. He jumps town and we find out he had a 'fuck you' account under another name/identity. He uses that ID & money and sets up shop in some small coastal town, either New England, Florida or Washington. He starts up his new life and goes through the montage of firsts and new guy things. He meets a new woman who unlocks blah blah inside of him or mixes well with the real him, not the hot shot big money NYC citizen. Of course, at about the 60 min mark (start of 3rd act), a person from his old life sees him by chance in the new town and can spoil it or maybe his mistress tracks him down. The 'reveal' is settled, and his true ID and story come out to the new woman. He makes a choice and it is to stay in the new life.

This would do well, and all you need is to cast some attractive people, and it will rake in the dough. I'm not going to cast the wife because she'll never be onscreen. I don't want anyone sympathizing with her, because then we can't have the lead choose the other life and let the audience feel good about that.

Male Lead - David Boreanaz - Never would get the role because he is a TV actor. He is scuzzbucket enough to run away from his life while cheating on his wife, but charming enough that an audience would enjoy his self discovery & rally around him in the 3rd act. 2nd choice: Josh Lucas

Love Interest - Anna Paquin, but she might be 'too young'. If they want a more mature actress that women can project themselves onto, Jennifer Garner. These two women do not blow anyone over with their beauty, and they are both likeable enough to cheer for keeping the lead in his new life.

Old Local to guide Lead- Hal Holbrook. Either Holbrook or Wilford Brimley. Grizzly old salts apply here.

Friend from Old Life who Tries to Ruin Things - Josh Duhamel. Just turn up the arrogance and smarminess. He just shows up in the new town on some vacation, and tries to bring his friend back.

Mistress who could destroy the new life - Vanessa Hudgens would take a role like this to break the bubble gum dumbass Disney type she is. We've seen her naughty pics so she can bring the fire as a spurned mistress tracking a man down.

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