Monday, February 22, 2010


If our mortgage deal goes through and we close in March, we will pay off the home in 2030.

Things I hope to see by 2030....

1. One of my future kids graduate from high school
2. Technology and energy sources that mitigate the bad effects of peak cheap oil
3. Rejuvenation therapies that prolong human life
4. True artifical intelligence, passing a Turing Test
5. Nanotech working as an everyday influence
6. Robots in nanotech form or full human size working hazardous jobs
7. Medication or daily vitamins that work with the brain to improve cognitive function and memory recall
8. Total Body Immersion Virtual Reality, kind of like a cross between the Matrix and Snowcrash
9. Cybernetic implants for old people to ward of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease
10. Sex Robots

I am not as optimistic as Ray Kurzweil is about the pace of technological progress, but I do have hopes.

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