Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sherlock Holmes the Movie

Sherlock Holmes the movie is an enjoyable romp within the framework of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes universe. Early 1890s London looks fantastic, much cleaner than reality, and the story has a realistic 3 part arc. I'm rather surprised Guy Ritchie went with an American (Downey) to play Holmes, but Downey was a good lead. I've enjoyed his work since "Weird Science". Law playing Watson was interesting as he wasn't just playing the pretty guy. They had good chemistry onscreen, and the screenplay played up their unique bond. I had to love the 'deduction' moments or walkthroughs. Holmes was the master observer. It is well done, and I recommend the movie. Rental is fine since it doesn't require the big screen and loud sound.

If you did read the original Holmes stories, do not fret over the boxing and love pieces in the trailer. That's just to hook 'tards (the MMA boxing) and women (ooooh a love interest). They work Rachel McAdams in as a character from actual Holmes stories who he respects for her intellect and craftiness. Holmes never really has an interest in ladies. They do not stray from that in this movie. The boxing scene is short and a way to work in the love interest's bona fides of not being afraid to be in a dirty situation. I dislike it when movies shoehorn a love interest into an action flick. This does not happen here. This is obviously set up for a sequel, and don't worry, with the success of this film at the box office (and Downey/Law star power), they will make a few more.

3 out of 5 stars

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