Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mary Moon

Feel like I am repeating myself, but gosh does the song Mary Moon make me smile. I wish I could embed the video, damn you Ichiban Records! This video is what I miss about MTV-VH1. Where else can you see people wear pumpkins on their heads and wave their arms at a concert? The flannel, the drug rug hoodie, the layering of clothes are all wonderful. This was not just an Iowa experience as the promo video is filmed there; we all wore flannel. This was a cool little indie pop rock song.

My dumb friends and I used to sing Barrymore instead of Mary Moon when it first came out. It was a song that prior to the Internet I would crank if I heard it on the local 'alternative' radio station and could never find at a store, not even Bullmoose Music in the Old Port. While in college, I had a female friend who loved it as well and we'd leave IM messages at 2am just typing "RRRRRAAAAHHHH". Every all male acapella group performs this song. It's required in acapella by laws. This is surprisingly a good song to play at a party or wedding. Secret is that women love to dance around to it. It is the anthem of quirky girls everywhere, and for girls who are not quirky at all but want to be considered quirky so they buy thick black framed glasses even though their vision is fine. To all the Mary Moons out there, you're the one for me, me, whooooaaaaaaa, yeah, doo, do-doo, do-do-to-do-to-do, RAH!

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