Monday, January 11, 2010


There is another side of Europe that is not discussed. There are no-go Muslim only zones in big cities, there are French Muslim women who get hymenoplasty surgery to fake being a virgin when they marry, there are 'youth' riots of thousands of burnt cars, destroyed stores and clashes with police in France, there are asylum seekers who want Sharia courts despite living in a foreign country, and a symbol for it is London, or in other words, Londonistan. Melanie Phillips writes a book tackling the rise of homegrown Islamic terrorism in the UK, and how the current elites and institutions in the UK refuse to face the problem or shout down people who are critical of Islam extremism. To close one's eyes and imagine London, one would never picture giant mosques, burqas, or protests that have signs like the ones I will post in pics. Phillips tries to ring the bell on the coming problem, and how the UK must deal with things now before it gets worse... before what some writers call Eurabia.

Phillips' book reads like a really stretched out "New Yorker" column. Reading the book, I felt like she could have condensed this to half its length, which at 190 pages full length, would make it like a fat magazine article rather than a book. Phillips does point out the blind eye that the government, the Anglican Church, the media, universities, and even the Royal Family have turned to Islamic extremism. She also points out the role the 'multicultural' crowd & approach has played in both isolating the Muslim community and allowing them to demand 'favors' that no other minority has ever received in British history. Some things in this book will blow your mind. You would never think that a Western liberal democracy would go out of its way to defend a subset of a minority group that is so horrible towards women, so quick to shout slogans that skinheads would be arrested for, and so direct in its contempt for the very country it lives in. The phrase that comes to mind is 'cultural suicide'.
The issue of immigration in the USA, as I have stated repeatedly, is peanuts compared to the problem of immigration in the UK and Western Europe. The UK provided asylum to people of any nation, set them up in govt housing, with welfare, with food stamps, with free health care, and do not attempt to immerse them in the UK culture or society. They then have children who become citizens in name but never assimilate. The phrase the Brits use is 'asylum seekers'. It is used as an insult. The elites use the asylum seekers to create a dependency which in turn creates a constituency for voting. What is scary for the British (and Western Europe) is that the birth rate for non-immigrant Brits and the emigration rate for British citizens is so high, that the net flow of demographics is a loss of skilled taxpaying Brits for asylum seekers on social welfare (California is going thru something similar). They are going through a mass exodus of skilled, educated citizens. That is never good for any country.

Phillips' book was a quick read that illuminated some things about the British system that I never knew. It also gave hard evidence and quotations for other things I had already thought. Phillips was writing to a welcome reader. What bothers me is the trampling of women's rights within the British Muslim community, including the possibility of Sharia courts to arbitrate legal issues for British Muslim citizens, all because the government and the elite want to respect the difference of this one minority. "It's their custom" so we should respect it. What the British government should remember is that those women, while they are Muslims, are sometimes (not everytime) British citizens. What bothers me is the use of violence, shouting and the mere threat of violence to get the government and media to suppress free speech. "Let's not offend anyone", which steamrolls the basic right we take for granted in Western democracies. My biggest fear is that 25 years from now, I am telling stories of my time in the UK visiting my family's homeland and how it once was and can never be again.

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