Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let Down Again Naturally

Immediately after the upset in Massachusetts, I was really pumped when Pres. Obama seemed to respond to voter disgust in his best buddy to bankers behavior by proposing new bank rules and prop trading limits. He used the name Volcker for this new rule, and that was the last guy we had who had the guts to take the punch bowl away from the banksters. This really excited me as I dreamed it could act like a Glass Steagall lite bill to separate bank deposit firms from investment banks. After all, the POTUS used the words unprecedented, reform, historic, crisis, and "let me be clear" and "there are those who say soit had to be important. Maybe even the mighty Goldman Sachs would go private and then split up into 4 or 5 entities. I wanted to wait for 'experts' to weigh in on the proposal. They have reviewed the proposal. It is not pretty.

Nope, forget it folks. It was just a speech to be part of his fake populist front. It's toothless and a joke. It misses big picture stuff and even some gritty details. Add another instance to 44 talking a pretty game, getting your hopes up and bringing nothing to the table. Come on Barry! I know you never had a dad to teach you some important lessons about being the big male protector stereotype, but man the fuck up! You ARE the PRESIDENT!

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