Wednesday, January 06, 2010

How to Kill the Health Bill

Several years ago when Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts and John Kerry potentially the Prez, the Massachusetts legislature changed the rules for how the state would replace a vacated US Senate seat. This was to prevent a GOP gov from nominating a GOP Senator in a notoriously safe Dem seat. Sen. Ted Kennedy dies, the Dems need that vote and looky loo the legislature, with a Dem gov in charge now, change the rules so that the seat can be appointed again by the gov. Yes, this is changing the rules to suit the party for the party's benefit. This allowed for the Dems to pass the health care bill. It also set up a special election. You can donate to the GOP candidate and potentially swing one vote to the other side, which would, hopefully, kill the bill. I'm giving $100.

Donate Here.

This seat will flip right back to the Dems in 2012 when one of the many high profile Dems in Massachusetts decide to make a run for that seat. There is a backlog of Dems eager to get to the Senate. They were itching at the chance that Kerry would resign in 08. This one special election does matter. Remember: Al Franken won a seat by a couple hundred votes in Minnesota with the help of ACORN vote fraud. We now have a horrendous health care bill staring us in the face. Elections do matter.

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