Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hopefully the Health Care Reform Bill Dies

It did happen. Brown pulled off the upset. Massachusetts elected a GOP US Senator. I'm shocked, as I expected a close loss by Brown as the Democrats' advantage in Mass and machine is so large. Hopefully, this stops the horrendous health care bill.

1. His win means they have to unseat Kirk, which means only 59 votes for the bill.
2. If Pelosi tries the 'ping pong' method of doing a straight vote on the Senate bill, she's going to find tough going because 1. progressive Dems will say no to a plan without the public option, 2. GOP members won't switch sides for a bill w/o abortion $$ restrictions, and 3. Scared Dems in districts that lean red will not put their neck out there after this election in BLUE Mass.
3. If he goes in and votes no, the GOP can filibuster with 41.

I donated money to him ($100) to hopefully kill the bill. It's also a wake up call to the jokers in charge who think they can trot out any chump candidate to fill a seat because it's 'their' seat. No way.

Karma is a bitch as Coakley was involved in the farce known as the "au pair shaken baby" case. I recall a lot of folks wondering how that baby had broken bones prior to the au pair's arrival, hmmm, wonder what happened there? That was a travesty, and there is something inside me saying this is karma coming back in the same lifetime for Coakley.

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