Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Vows and Promises - Tiger Style

The schadenfreude is at max levels. Five months ago, I would have believed in aliens before reading about Tiger Woods shtupping not one, but two porn performers. This entry title says it all for me, "you have got to be god damn kidding me". I can't type porn star if I have never heard of them. As the writer typed, how is a billionaire athlete tapping not one but two ugly porn girls behind his wife's back? I think somewhere in the marriage contract, unless you've set up an open marriage, it says that you can't bang other people, especially people in the sex industry.

Now I am not saying cheating is OK, but in the weird moral pyramid in my soul and/or brain, cheating with one person is better than with multiple people, and cheating with multiple people is better than cheating with multiple sex industry workers. One would assume there are different feelings of betrayal and humiliation involved with the multiple partners and then with the multiple porn actresses while pregnant twice played out in modern media. WWTDD the website hits it on the head with the latest floozy. Tiger should have been checking to make sure she was a 'she' first. What was his check list: fake boobs, check, bad face, check, trashy look, check, somehow connected to a shady night time industry, check?????

I'm throwing this out there, but what if there is a Spitzer element? What if Tiger is dropping down in class or status of partners because there is something that Tiger enjoys that is abnormal? At this point, if a love child is out there, I will not be surprised. Is there a tranny out there who has 'dated' Tiger? What else is going to crawl out of the slime that is his philandering other side. Cee-lo sang it best "Closet freak". This is not news nor is it any of our business, but god damn is it hilarious to see the fast, public slide of a false god.

Between this and Jersey Shore, I have not been able to formulate a good essay on Iran. I've been meaning to type one as the Iranians are giving Obama and the West the middle finger, and with increase of troops in Afganistan to be 100K total, the US will have over 200K troops on either side of Iran.

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