Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tool Academy Strikes Again

Tool Academy Strikes Again! This is part of the latest non-news story that the media treats like important news: Tiger Woods and his marital problems. Tiger Woods decided to cheat on his beautiful wife with some heiress/nightclub skank. That is just the beginning. More women are coming out of the woodwork, claiming affairs. One lady is claiming a 31 month long affair with 20 sexual encounters. She claims to have voicemails and texts to prove it. Who is it? A girlfriend of a season one contestant on Tool Academy. Yup, she's supplying info to US Weekly.

Here's to standards. Tiger Tiger Tiger, you're a billion dollar athlete with a unique look. If you do anything, you will be photographed. Women will find you. You're on TV quite a bit. Make sure if you step out, that interloper has something to lose as well. Idiot. Let's now discuss the Jaimee Grubbs character pictured above. She kind of looks like Blair from the Facts of Life. She was the girl who showed up for TA with a boyfriend but found out he had another, longer term girlfriend behind her back. Yeah, she dated 'flock of seagulls' guy. The most despicable and psychotic guy from the first class of TA. How does a woman fool around with Tiger Woods and Flock of Seagulls guy at the same time? Have some standards. One is a billionaire sports icon. One has a hairstyle showcased below.

This is not news. I do find a little glee in this though, which is media inspired. The sports media, which is one step above or sideways from entertainment media, has created this Tiger Woods persona that is Jesus Christ with a putter ("blood of four races in his veins"). His was a destiny to change the world. I always viewed him as a machine raised from toddler days to be the perfect golfer by an obsessed dad (like Todd Marinovich only successful). I was wrong, as was SI. He's not going to change the world in a significant way nor is he a machine. He is a man. A common man with common desires. The carefully constructed mask is broken. It's nice to know he is human, but to many people, you were a realization of the abstract that if you work hard enough, you can be the greatest at anything. I enjoy watching him compete, and I'll enjoy watching him squirm under the microscope.

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