Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mtv's The Ruins: The Final Challenge

As health care reform potentially dies for 2009 in the Senate, I must divert my attention just for an hour to watch the RW/RR Challenge: The Ruins wrap up. C'mon Olympia Snowe, Joe Lieberman and a random 2nd Democrat, kill it! The final squads were 2 ladies vs. 1 lady, one clever guy, a slightly dim good guy and two gigantic assholes. The core of jerks and Evan on the champions team did a great job of eliminating all men on the other team w/o putting themselves at risk in any Ruins challenges. They had only one lady left on their squad, because they oddly thought MTV would just make the final challenge a physical one, and were up against the two toughest females on the other team. It never dawned on them that MTV might throw obstacles at them that might require more than brute strength. MTV's editors get an A+ for the entire season, and they did a good job here as well. This came down to the wire, or so we are to believe.

The final course was a serious of challenges. First up, eat gross things. The challengers (2 ladies) wolfed down the gross bugs, tofu, and poop (maybe), as the team with 4 men made little kid puke faces. Hahahaha, losers. The Champs even got lost looking for the 2nd challenge. The next challenge was crawling through mud. Seriously, the lone female on the Champ team made this look like it was so difficult while everyone else rocked it. It's frickin' mud. Crawl for the $$$ you fame whore. There was a jigsaw puzzle, which was fun to watch them try. I have to give the challengers credit, they worked as a unit and supported one another. Next was a bamboo balance challenge. This is where the Challengers lost it. Kelly Anne moved like a 4 yr old. She was awful. Her delay cost them the money. Because of her delay, the other squad made up time and the final challenge: stack 'em puzzle killed them. The Champs had Susie and Evan who are smart, and they figured out the puzzle in 25 mins (max time is 30). The Challengers had Sarah, clever, and Kelly Anne, not clever. KA spent more time saying this is hard and I dont know than she did trying to solve it. They never did so they had to wait the full 30 mins and then carry blocks back before they could go for the final run. Sadly, the bamboo balance slowness killed them. They do that quicker, the puzzle 30 mins isn't a killer.

The Champs won, and sadly, the douche triumvirate of Kenny-Evan-Johnny won prize money of 30K on top of the 20K they already had. Kenny and Johnny have horrible attitudes towards women and are barely decent to other men. MTV should go back to the individual format of challenges or make teams mixed of vets and newbies. This will make the competition a bit more balanced and unpredictable. I like the individual comps as well since it is a bit more nasty. MTV reality whores should be nasty to one another. I don't like this lovey dovey team crap. I was not supporting the Champs as I felt the Challengers had the two people who had earned the money the most. Sarah and Kelly Anne had defeated multiple women in the Ruins challenges and busted their ass every challenge. I enjoyed what they brought to the season as well. Sarah was fresh blood, energetic and MTV canned "raw" at times. She also really thrived in the setting. She enjoyed it for what it was: a competition where they pay for your food, booze, and lodgings. Kelly Anne came to compete with the jacked up muscles and was wonderful eye candy (no way, me find a brunette attractive???). I look forward to next season, which I hear is another installment of "Fresh Meat". This will add new blood to the MTV RW/RR family. Until then, I'll have to settle for Jersey Shore.

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