Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mickey Rooney Denied by White House

Mickey Rooney served in the armed forces. He's a film legend. He's a harmless old man. Rooney got turned down when he went to the White House to meet up with the big man. Mickey Rooney has crapped bigger turds than that craptastic actor who is the special liason between the White House and Hollywood, Taj. Look Barry, to deny a meeting with the Dalai Lama is one thing, but dissing Mickey Rooney is just unacceptable!

Then again, this is small potatoes. This guy has much bigger shams on his hands: softening up to dictatorships while they call you the devil (Chavez in Copenhagen) or give you the finger on their nukes (Iran) isn't 'smart diplomacy', 'outstanding climate change progress' that is called 'a sham' by AGW supporters isn't really progress, and health care reform without the public option, a medicare buy in age drop, tort reform, portability reform or interstate competition isn't reform.

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