Saturday, December 12, 2009

Heisman Trophy Ceremony

The Heisman Final 5 Suh, Ingram, McCoy, Tebow, and Gerhart are in NY, waiting for word on who won. Suh put on an impressive display in primetime to not only give himself a boost, but to destroy the chances of McCoy. I can't remember one player simultaneously vaulting himself to NY and ruining another player's chances of winning in one game. Suh's performance also cemented his spot in the top 3 in next year's NFL Draft. It would be great to see a defensive player win the Heisman, and just a short while ago, I said he wouldn't even be invited despite deserving votes. Usually, the Heisman is a bit lame as it seems preordained, but this year it is wide frickin' open.

It should be written that voters who mailed in their ballots before the end of the season deserve a smackdown. An award about the entire season should wait for the end of the season. C.J. Spiller put on a show in the ACC championship. McCoy and Suh still had to play that night. No one should have voted after the SEC title game. It is also very obvious that no one should be voting for Tim Tebow, but he will still get votes. It is laughable how stubborn human beings can be, and how territorial & loyal people can be even with silly awards in sports.

C'mon Suh!

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