Friday, December 18, 2009

Copenhagen Fools at Work

King Canute once commanded the seas to not wash over his feet. Of course, he could not command the tides. Our overlords have agreed to cap global temperature increases by 1.5% or 2 degrees Celsius. We're going to cap temps. I'm trying to figure out how officials can call something meaningful if it is not sufficient to combat the problem.

If the US government wanted to reduce CO2, they would have used some of that $787 billion stimulus plan to fund nuclear reactor construction (or guarantee nuke loans) so that we reduced the amount of coal we burned for electricity. Could't they have kicked $125 billion to build 10 plants to kickstart the switch. Direct CO2 reduction!

To Quote along with back of the envelope math at the link:

One third of the CO2 emitted in the US from human activity comes from burning
coal to make electricity.

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