Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brooks Brothers Having a 50% Off Sale

I love Brooks Brothers. They now have 'slim fit', which would have been great 10 years ago, but 10 years ago, I couldn't afford their clothes. I like their classy, old man style. I'd seriously shop their exclusively if I were a Westchester County brat. Double breasted blazers, tweed deco sport coats, cashmere vests, and a smoking jacket for home would be in the wardrobe. I had 2 polos from BB that lasted 4+ years. Quality stuff. I currently have one new polo and an awesome purple tie with white diagonal stripes. I'm a true fan. Not like the d-bags on reality shows, Gossip Girl and other 'fashion porn' tv programs. Like they wear the collar popped over a sweater while they clutch at a woman's lower leg since he's seated and she's standing on a couch and he has his dumb lips against her outer calf. Yeah, cause if I want to have sex with a woman, my lips are wasting time on her calves. Wake up Emo boy and use your lips elsewhere.

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"AG" said...

Old man style is sexy.