Wednesday, December 09, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

For Me

is a 5 day period at home drama free, at least delusion free.

is a 30 min period with my immediate family where they don't softly guilt trip me about living 1000 miles away.

is for people to stop using the phrase madonna/whore complex because they heard it in a Feminist Theory class once 10 years ago. I hear them indirectly, and always think they are saying madonna is a whore, affirming their statement instinctively.

For the World at Large

is the 'public option' to die, maybe all of this phony health care reform.

is cap n trade carbon trading scam legislation to die a quick death.

is unemployment to drop back to those horrible Bush era numbers of 5 or 6%.

is good luck and good shooting for the 30,000 additional troops going to Afganistan.

is a night of peace and a feeling of safety for all abused kids out there so they can dream of a merry Christmas.

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