Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brilliant Takedown

10 years late but a brilliant and tongue in cheek review of Phantom Menace. Please just watch this first 10 minute clip. This is an absolute stomping of Phantom Menace. The constant butchering of the word protagonist is fantastic.

Brooks Brothers Having a 50% Off Sale

I love Brooks Brothers. They now have 'slim fit', which would have been great 10 years ago, but 10 years ago, I couldn't afford their clothes. I like their classy, old man style. I'd seriously shop their exclusively if I were a Westchester County brat. Double breasted blazers, tweed deco sport coats, cashmere vests, and a smoking jacket for home would be in the wardrobe. I had 2 polos from BB that lasted 4+ years. Quality stuff. I currently have one new polo and an awesome purple tie with white diagonal stripes. I'm a true fan. Not like the d-bags on reality shows, Gossip Girl and other 'fashion porn' tv programs. Like they wear the collar popped over a sweater while they clutch at a woman's lower leg since he's seated and she's standing on a couch and he has his dumb lips against her outer calf. Yeah, cause if I want to have sex with a woman, my lips are wasting time on her calves. Wake up Emo boy and use your lips elsewhere.

Parenting Classes Will Not Help Psychos

When adults kill their 2 month old by beating it, there is no parenting class that applies. The prosecutor mentions parenting classes preventing cases like that instead of just saying "some people are ruthless bastards". Whether you murder a 2 month old, 20 year old, or 200 year old, it's murder. Michigan is really sinking, and it isn't just the car companies dying. It isn't just Detroit collapsing. It's the excuses or tolerance for horrible behavior even small things like one case of infanticide.

Moment of Zen From Cats

Monday, December 28, 2009

China GDP Growth a Mirage

This has been on several econ websites so I'll post it here. China's growth should be viewed with healthy doses of skepticism. They calculate GDP not in what is sold but what is made. Many things can be produced that never sell.

More Protests in Iran

The protests are once again spreading in Iran. Let's hope the people can keep the heat on the mullahs and thugs in charge. Their army has been at odds lightly with the clerics. Because only the military and the Revolutionary Guard have guns & weapons, it would be a tall task to ask protesting youths to shake the thugocracy into submission. They need help from an armed posse. Because the regime has mocked our POTUS' offer of an 'extended hand', maybe our administration could openly support the protesting crowds.

More Detroit Photos

I will not post a photo from the site because you should just cruise through it, finding plenty of great shots. Sad and beautiful at the same time.


I just flew home after the Christmas Day failed bomb plot. The airline did their best to have us all feel like nothing new was going to intrude on us, but one woman got up late in our flight and the stewardess instructed her to sit down. New regulation because we were so close to landing. You also can't have blanket on your lap.

I'm all for security measures, better safe than sorry. I'm just a bit mystified that the Brits rejected him for a visa, but then we gave him a visa. I'm not surprised that he got onboard with lax security in Europe. I remember boarding an overnight train with no security to check me getting onto the train. I could have boarded with a backpack of C4.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Poseur of the Decade: Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg. Snoop Doggy Dog. The D-O-Double G-Y? Because I say so. Almost 20 years ago, Snoop was the skinny guest star of some of Dr. Dre's best tracks off "The Chronic". He had a slow, smooth style to his rapping. He had a mumbly sound with a chill feel. He also was part of the gangsta lite crowd. He beat a murder rap, recorded some memorable rap tracks, and was so thin that I considered him anorexic. He made a couple of bad moves like not cooperating with Suge Knight, signing with No Limit records, headlining Lollapalooza (a WTF moment of the 90s), and living.

Seriously, living was the worst thing for his career. Snoop survived to cruise through the 2000s and embarrass himself. Dying in the '90s would have spared us all a toilet bowl career death spiral. After previously saying he'd nedver do a reality show on his life cause he and his wife were too crazy and combative with one another, he cut a reality show. He was in terrible films like "The Wash" and "Soul Plane". He was on soap operas, bad cameos, bad Mariah Carey songs, and even a Chrysler advertisement with Lee Iacocca. Lee & Snoop are out golfing & extolling the virtues of Chrysler cars. I shit you not. This is the guy who once rapped "all the hookers and hos know how I feel". Lee Iacocca and recreational golfers everywhere approve. Snoop has showed up in ESPN ads wearing a Steelers jersey, which is fnal proof that he will do anything for a paycheck. Snoop did at least gain weight and now looks like a human.

If Snoop of 1991 met Snoop of 2009, 1991 Snoop would beat the shit out of his older self. He absoluted sold out. I know it's great to get paid, but have some dignity. Maybe say no to a promotional offer. Maybe not be such a camera whore. For more than 10 years, especially since Jan 1st of 2000, Snoop has been trading on the fumes of his old career. He trades on street cred that expired with his first McMansion purchase. Snoop would not walk into the hood now without armed guards and some wizzeed to keep him calm. Snoop, you have been a fraud and poseur for 10 years now. We need an arrest. We need a car accident. We need a true rap beef battle. If nothing happens at the start of the next decade, just fade away.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bob and Tom

Stop laughing at your middle aged man jokes that are not funny. It's annoying to laugh over a skit so that we the listeners do not hear the jokes.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

TBTF Banks are Even Bigger

Here's a graph of the bank deposits at the 4 biggest banks, the TBTF banks. There is a steady progression of consolidation in assets in the American banking sector from 1998-2007 through mergers & acquisitions. Might have been good for the FED to slow down anytime in the '90s and early 2000s. This is not entirely positive. The year of 2008 starts the credit crisis years, shotgun marriages and growth of assets for the TBTF banks that creates an even more top heavy bank sector in America. This is not going to end well. We are just delaying the inevitable big bank break up that will need to happen for us all to move forward, financially speaking.

Yes nearly 4 out of every 10 dollars in American banks are held in 4 corporations. This includes the sickest bank of them all, Citigroup, which in the fall of 2008 was considered on death watch and was too weak to 'acquire' Wachovia. Yes, 12 months ago Citi was on death watch even after the TARP injection. What has transpired since then: unemployment jumping to 10%, more foreclosures, higher loan and credit card delinquencies, and a flatlined housing and consumer discretionary sector. Citi is a zombie bank. That's an insult to zombies as zombies usually have no control over their status. Citi knew what was coming. Former CEO Chuck Prince: "When the music stops, in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated. But as long as the music is playing, you've got to get up and dance. We're still dancing" (source). Prince knew it was coming. What did he do to protect shareholders? That is a question shareholder advocates should be asking, and a class action lawsuit against him and the board should be coming. One cannot say they did not see it coming when they clearly state that when the music stops it's going to be "complicated".

I need a distraction.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love Machine - The Miracles

I went through a short phase where I'd play this on WINAMP after I'd walk back to my dorm room. The folly of youth. I had to make up for the gloom of dry spells. Laugh & roll your eyes but it's better than the guy I knew who played "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana whenever he had sex on repeat (3-5 mins total).

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chinese Kids Are Dumb

Seriously, even American kids would not come up with the weird reasons classmates gave for this girl being dark skinned. A Reality TV contestant reveals nastier side of Han Chinese society.

"Why do you speak such good Chinese?"

"Because I am Chinese!"


What 80s music videos taught me?

When you get angry that a girl can't be in a romantic relationship with you, just break your bathroom mirror with a guitar? If I were in a band, I'd wear a suit. Even if we played death metal. I'd also name it "The Drapers" or "The Redettes". I'd take a cue from Robert Palmer and go classy in spite of any cheesiness in my music.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Turning 30

I turned 30 at 9:15 am this morning. Really does not bother me at all. I think besides obvious health changes, age is often a concept in your mind. I know 20-somethings that act like geezers and had a gramma in her 60s who was pretty open minded and modern. I have often said, which must sound incredibly arrogant, that I feel timeless. It's a way I'd like to always feel.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Scrooge Not Guilty

Comical tongue in cheek look at Scrooge's crime and a defense.

Lactose Tolerance

Sometime after 2002, I developed a slight intolerance to lactose. It is natural for the body to lose the ability to break down lactose as you age. I randomly forget about this and drink two milkshakes within an hour, spending the next few hours in pain. The pain has nearly passed.

Due Process and Torture

I am pretty surprised this made it through the Supreme Court with the supposed historians and protectors of the Constitution (more detail here). The SCOTUS blog has an entry explaining details of the petition. I am also surprised this was pressed by our current POTUS and his liberal friends. What I find shocking is the push by the admin that torture should be considered ordinary for people who are not persons. This is the same admin that campaigned on the moral superiority of denouncing torture.

I can see why the the admin and SCOTUS were against this or rejected it. These are not citizens, and the persons applying for this are involved in a military conflict, yet are not uniformed military combatants. This is a slippery issue in any war, but especially a war involving jihadists who come from all over. Are they just mercenaries with a sense of religion or are they something else? I'm not sympathetic to jihadists and terrorists, but it's not just them that this could apply to.

The first link up top voices the concern. What happens when a Prez comes into power with a Nixonian view of enemies and is overzealous with naming people enemy combatants. Nixon (and to a lesser degree Clinton) loved using the IRS to harass enemies. Do we fall down the rabbit hole of unpersons (very Soviet) and hiding people away in Gulags because they are not a person, therefore not eligible for Constitutional protection. I'm no legal expert. I'm just a concerned citizen. Part of why I am drawn to limited government is that laws and powers can be used in completely different ways in different hands. If the law is on the books, they can use it. If there is no law, they have no power. Look at the bill of rights and notice how many of those laws are negative powers for the government. It states what the government cannot do.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dave Mason - We just disagree

Dave Mason sounds like the lead vocalist who sang "Don't Pull Your Love Out on me Baby". Tons of balls to his voice.

Political Donations

The Targets: Specter, Carnahan, Gillibrand, Reid, Bennet, Dodd.

Potential Challengers: Simmons, Giuliani, Toomey, Blunt, Tarkanian, Lowden, Buck, Norton, Portman.

I did not link to Rudy's site since he will have an easy time fundraising. Primaries will eliminate some of the above names, but all dollars help.

This sham reform does not have tort reform which would be a direct boon for all Americans (excluding lawyers), and help reduce expenses and premiums by up to 10%.

Call Your Senator

Call your Senator about this phony reform bill. Prevent its passing. Voice your opinion. To my Maine readers, this is critical, as Snowe and Collins need to stand firm and vote no. I've already contacted Sen Bayh of Indiana who is probably blow drying his hair and too busy to do anything of importance.

Making 2012 Campaign Videos - Deficit Spending

All too easy to video edit now and splash stuff on youtube even if you can't afford a TV spot. These comments come back to bite you in the ass with back to back years of trillion dollar deficits and a sovereign default crisis. Our credit rating had a toe dipping style warning by Moody's this month. The federal government funding crisis is coming. Obama just hopes it is after 2012. When it happens, it will rock every debt instrument since (almost) all other bond yields are tied to the US govt bond rates. Mortgage rates, credit cards and even small business loans will be jacked up. Variable student loans? Ha, skyward! Here's how the crisis can unfold, from China...

"The United States cannot force foreign governments to increase their holdings of Treasuries," Zhu Min said, "Double the holdings? It's definitely impossible".

"The US current account deficit is falling as residents' savings increase, so its trade turnover is falling, which means the US is supplying fewer dollars to the rest of the world. The world does not have so much money to buy more US Treasuries".


This is not a Democrat or Republican thing. Both parties are responsible for running up deficits, it's just they are trillion dollars a year under the Dems instead of hundreds of billions under the GOP. Tea Party supporters will look like Cassandras not 'teabaggers' as Anderson Cooper, the POTUS, and Rahm call them. Does anyone watch Anderson Cooper anymore? Buy gold.

Mickey Rooney Denied by White House

Mickey Rooney served in the armed forces. He's a film legend. He's a harmless old man. Rooney got turned down when he went to the White House to meet up with the big man. Mickey Rooney has crapped bigger turds than that craptastic actor who is the special liason between the White House and Hollywood, Taj. Look Barry, to deny a meeting with the Dalai Lama is one thing, but dissing Mickey Rooney is just unacceptable!

Then again, this is small potatoes. This guy has much bigger shams on his hands: softening up to dictatorships while they call you the devil (Chavez in Copenhagen) or give you the finger on their nukes (Iran) isn't 'smart diplomacy', 'outstanding climate change progress' that is called 'a sham' by AGW supporters isn't really progress, and health care reform without the public option, a medicare buy in age drop, tort reform, portability reform or interstate competition isn't reform.

Crowded House

"They come to be the war between us". Music starts around the 50 second mark. Downtown Julie Brown is talking to them in the beginning. Wubba wubba wubba. It is amazing how much they sound like the studio track. They are not studio magic.

Saab is Going Away

It's a sad day in sexy car history as GM is going to close down Saab production. Others find it sad. Saab had been a Swedish company, and GM bought Saab outright in 2000. This was part of their misguided pursuit of more brands and economies of engineering expertise. Rather than have a great basic-luxury dual brand model like Toyota & Honda, GM absorbed brand after brand to cannibalize their car sales. GM had 8 brands entering bankruptcy: Chevy, GMC, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Saab & Hummer. GM made beaucoup profits on their trucks, which is why it's a bit comical listening to politicians say that GM needs to make small cars that people 'want'. I'd have scrapped the car production and just focused on being a truck, heavy trailer and SUV producer. I'm just a peon, so what do I know. Saab was a weird acquisition, as it was such a niche market. Saab was not really a luxury brand, and was not known for fantastic engineering. If GM saw worth in Saab's engineering, they should have acquired it, eliminated the brand but incorporated the Saab skills and approach to their Cadillac brand. Not surprisingly, GM could not find a buyer in an environment where no one is buying much.

Saab had sexy looking swoop back hatchback cars. They looked like sexmobiles. You drive a Saab and maybe you drink good wine & can't be tied down to one partner. If I had been a 20-something in the '80s, I would have worn a baby blue polo shirt, draped a yellow sweater over my shoulders with the sleeves tied in front of me, and hopped in a Saab with a girl on the way to a romantic sex session on the beach at Kinney Shores. Saabs were unique and appealing. Back in the '80s, so many cars had that boxy look. Car edges were squared off and many looked cookie cutter. The back of the Saab was similar to the 1980s Porsche 911s in that they had a soft feminine curve to them. It was different, and different can sell. There is talk that 'different' has helped Toyota sell Scions and Priuses. As the years go by, and fewer Saabs are on the roads, I will smile when I pass one. Saab, you will be missed.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Someone Wants to Investigate Citi's Sweetheart Deal

Dennis Kucinich, when I listen & look at him onscreen, appears to be a crazy midget with a weird voice. How this man was elected, only ACORN knows? He was an incompetent mayor and then became a rather strange Congresscritter. I applaud him today for investigating the Citigroup tax break of $38 billion that allowed for Citi to 'pay us back' the TARP loan. The 'deal' the admin cut is like getting $10 and then turning around and handing that same person $20 in return. DERP!

Smoke From a Distant Fire

I love when they are breaking it down with the "your eyes have a mist from the smoke of a distant fire".

Sounds great live. Lead vocalist sounds exactly as he does in the studio cut. Only creepier live-studio similarity I have ever heard is Mr. Finn from Crowded House.

Copenhagen Fools at Work

King Canute once commanded the seas to not wash over his feet. Of course, he could not command the tides. Our overlords have agreed to cap global temperature increases by 1.5% or 2 degrees Celsius. We're going to cap temps. I'm trying to figure out how officials can call something meaningful if it is not sufficient to combat the problem.

If the US government wanted to reduce CO2, they would have used some of that $787 billion stimulus plan to fund nuclear reactor construction (or guarantee nuke loans) so that we reduced the amount of coal we burned for electricity. Could't they have kicked $125 billion to build 10 plants to kickstart the switch. Direct CO2 reduction!

To Quote along with back of the envelope math at the link:

One third of the CO2 emitted in the US from human activity comes from burning
coal to make electricity.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Way More Excited Than I Am

About sexbots.

I have no doubt that somewhere in academia, there is a total buzzkill who is just waiting to start PETR (People for the Ethical Treatment of Robots). They will try to kill our fun.

Princess Bride

"There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world, it would be a pity to damage yours."
How does anyone fail to fall in love with this film at first view? Andre the Giant as a poetic, giant wrestler. The revenge storyline of Inigo Montoya with that great introduction "hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die". The duel between Inigo and the Dread Pirate Roberts with the break in between. "why are you smiling?" "I know something you do not know." "oh what is that" "I am not left handed" Loved it. The filming locations are fantastic, and the sets they built had a bit of old timey swashbuckling campiness to them. Screaming Eels. "Anybody want a peanut?" Poisoning both drinks. A magician who loves MLTs, especially when they cut it lean. A 6 fingered man that is evil. A dipshit prince played to perfection. "To the death!" "No, to the pain!" " I'm not sure I'm familiar with that one" Columbo playing Kevin Arnold's grampa.
"Have fun stormin' the castle"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Billions for Citigroup? WHAT!??!?!?!

Jesus. The deal the govt quietly gave to Citigroup gives it billions in tax breaks. Citi should be the first big bank broken up, but instead we keep giving Citi boost after boost. The scary part of this is Citi needed this $38 billion or it would have to raise more capital. This is right after they just raised billions to pay back TARP. So one one hand they are healthy enough to get out of TARP, but they are sick enough that they need a tax break from the govt. This is absolute bull. It's sick that this TARP is now going to be a slush fund for more spending and later bailouts. It's sick that the govt is pushing the banks to lend like they used to right after we chastise them for lending irresponsibly.

By not breaking them up, when the next crisis hits and asset concentration is even worse for the big banks, the govt will have no one to point the finger at by themselves. The Obama admin is so short sighted not to see that the next time a shoe drops and a fuck up happens in the financial/econ world, people will ask them why Barry and Co did not breakt he big banks up to prevent this. This is kind of like preventing a 2nd terrorist attack after 9/11. Bush-Cheney knew if that did happen again, they'd be blamed. It's hard to rally around leaders who let the same shit happen twice on their watch.

Drive Ins

Everyone should have a teenage memory of fumbling thru sex and giant projection screen movies in double play format. I grew up 2.5 miles from a Drive In and thought everyone went through this rite of passage. Sadly, it was only for Saco kids and people born prior to 1960.

Then again, I thought everyone went to college having had sex. Not at Cornell in the late '90s.

30 for 30: Da U

ESPN wrapped up the fall schedule of 30 for 30 documentaries with "Da U". It was by the director of "Cocaine Cowboys", and it was wonderful. The director had an original score done that was straight out of the 2 live crew bad 80s rap field. The interviews were with the three coaches who created, nurtured and cemented Da U's rep and the big names who contributed on the field. It was set up in a chronological manner. This really helped the narrative of sleepy football program that bursts onto the scene, builds on its success and becomes the flashiest, most notorious program in the nation.

The interviews involve all 3 coaches and prime time players. There are a couple of sports writers thrown in there, but this is not a documentary that has some key figures involved and then a bunch of old sportswriters talking about the person, team, event, or subject. Much gets tackled here: drugs, the city, the school, crime, riots, race, trash talking, dancing and yes, even football. Miami in the 80s is like NYC in the 70s. I'd love to have been able to float in a bubble like a ghost of Christmas past and view it.

What I never realized as a youngster was how so many of the players were homegrown talent right from south Florida. Coach Schnellenberger knew the level of talent in Florida, and went out of his way to keep that talent at home. I liked the little recruiting stories of how he'd leave his pipe, and how he'd go into the crappiest parts of Miami for recruiting visits. I'd like to know why non-Miami guys went to Da U or were drawn to Da U in the program's infancy. The program in the 80s had such a Miami flavor. The terrible fashion, gaudy jewelry, and blue blocker shades look really funny now, and I cannot believe anyone took these guys as cutting edge. Jimmy Johnson even mentions the fact that he dug Miami Vice and wanted to be on it. That's what some of the candids look like: Miami Vice set shots.

There is an element to this Miami 1980s era that is missing in many sports today: fun. USC football claims to have fun and be loose, but they have nothing on Da U in the 80s. They made up dances, coordinated celebrations, and continued their dancing on the sidelines. Pro sports are too businesslike, and the NCAA has reined in modern college football. College basketball has fun moments, but that's more from the wonderful crowds. Da U had players who could teach you dance moves after good plays. The only times I've seen a 'roger rabbit' dance move on a football field was by not 1, not 2, but 3 different Miami players. These guys are characters. Some are genuinely funny. My favorite quote might be "I remember Deion Sanders' jheri curl juice shaking all over the place" said in a deadpan delivery.
Director Billy Corben loved his city, loved his university and loved this team. It shows in this doc. I know it's asking too much, but if he could do a 2nd doc on the fall and rebirth of the program from 1994-now, I'd spit nickels. I'd buy this on DVD. This doc sets the bar pretty high for ESPN, and I doubt they can duplicate the fun and entertainment value this doc packed. I have high hopes for the Iverson, Reggie/Knicks, Chrissy/Martina and especially the one on "Charismatic". Charismatic was the horse that was one split foreleg from winning the Triple Crown, and if you watched the Belmont live that day and saw that jockey crying on the track and didn't tear up yourself, you don't have a heart. Sports are a silly diversion but somestimes they can make you feel emotion. Da U made people reacy strongly to their antics, attitude and play. I loved their fun, as did many other kids of the 80s, and am thankful to see the backstory to Da U in a doc. While I continuously dog ESPN for their lame hype machine and poor work, this 30 for 30 idea may be their greatest creation. Tahnk you ESPN, Corben and especially all of the coaches and players who gave their time and shared their memories.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bernie Kosar - Hurting Emotionally, Physically and Financially

The tragic fall of former glory boys. Bernie was a loud mouthed, personable QB. He's also very honest about his decline. Bernie Kosar (stats) felt like a normal Joe who parlayed brains into a starting QB job for his hometown team. People forgot he was 6'5" and had amazing accuracy with his throws. Who couldn't like a guy who was physically inferior but beat out a prized QB recruit to start for da U? Who couldn't like a double major who tricked the NFL's draft system so he could play for his hometown team? He had a perm and threw sidearm!!! In 25 years, he has gone from sports magazine covers to bankruptcy and divorce court.

Bernie's fall should be a cautionary tale for current athletes. He did not manage his money well, and he did not prepare for a life after football. Sure he had business ventures and investments, but he did not anticipate a way to live a fulfilling life after the game was over. In the 2nd link up above, the writer mentions how Kosar truly finds happiness when his actions are around the game of football. He admits to being immature and that he was not prepared for the end. He played in a time with fewer luxuries than the current sports world. Being a part of a world where you are top dawg, money and attention find you, and you only have to play and prepare for a child's game must warp personal development. For Kosar, everything is just piling on right now. Divorce, decrepit body, debts up the wazoo: it's all crashing down on him now.

Bernie Kosar's career decline fit the change in the NFL from the 70s-80s game to the modern game. Like Drew Bledsoe and Dan Marino, Kosar was a tall statue in the pocket. He was also considered a 'coach on the field'. He was very intelligent. Even as a rookie, he was trusted by his coaching staff, and constantly made the 'right' decision on the field. As the defenses in the NFL got faster and stronger, Kosar became a sitting duck in the pocket and started to take on injuries. By the time he was 30, he was pretty much done in the NFL. If he were a rookie today, despite his positives, he'd probably have a difficult time starting in the NFL. He would definitely not be the first overall pick in the draft. His sidearm delivery might scare half the teams in the NFL away today.

Kosar was never shy with the media, and is a fun guy to hear talk when NFL Films does a "Classics" special on a game involving Kosar and the Browns. I liked Bernie. Before I got my growth spurt and magically got fast (who disproportionate, giant feet slow you down), I was relegated to QB whenever I played pick up football with friends. This did help later when I played organized ball as QB. Kosar was a QB I could relate to: slow, smart, great touch and accuracy. If he could make it, I could make it. Like many Americans, I love cheering for an underdog. The Browns were and are lovable losers. With Kosar, they'd make the playoffs and suffer heartbreak after heartbreak. I'd cheer for them against the Broncos, the Oilers, the Jets. Their fans seemed like lots of fun, and they had a leader, Kosar, from Cleveland. As a kid, I couldn't resist. They would find a way to lose seemingly done deals, and I'd always feel bad for the dawg pound and Bernie. It never was meant to be for the Browns. That is still the case. It's stupid of me to feel bad for a guy who had quite a luxurious life, and often seemed to figure a way to manipulate his situation to his benefit, but I wish Bernie the best with his ordeal.

More Bad Company

Bad Company Silver, Blue and Gold

Judy | MySpace Video

They still sound decent. I absolutely love this song. "I'm walking around with my head hangin' down, tell me where is she"

Pro-Choice Pro-Environment Problem

I'm trying to figure out how people who are pro-choice can also be proponents of a one child policy like China's on a global scale. I say this because I'm willing to bet that the writer of this article is pro-choice when it comes to reproductive rights. Reproductive rights are not just about terminating pregnancies, but the right to have children at all. How can someone say a women has reproductive rights, therefore should be able to terminate any pregnancy when she wants to, while simultaneously saying that we as a world should consider a one child policy which would force women to only have one child if they have any at all? What's the twisted logic that allows this allows these two separate and conflicting ideas to reside in the same brain? She is not the only one.

The China one child policy has had odd consequences like missing women. Big surprise that a society that binds women's feet and isn't enlightened like Western Europe and the USA would use abortion as a way to pick what gender their one child will be. Infanticide depresses us all (except extreme abortion rights supporters and NJ prom dates), and it's sad the rise of the infant mortality rate of baby girls in China since their one child policy was enacted. Sounds fan-freaking-tastic, let's apply this policy to the entire world and see how well that goes. As if sub-Saharan or Muslim countries would be 'pro baby girl'. We'd probably have a female deficit epidemic worldwide by 2075. Screw climate change, our biggest problem would be calming down the nations with skewed male-female ratios.

This is why I want more climate research before we enact weird policies or arcane cap n trade schemes that will damage the economy more than it will help the environment. A big question a lot of skeptics want answered is: if CO2 makes the earth warmer, why have temperatures not risen since 1998 while CO2 levels have risen steadily? Let's figure that one out. Maybe there is a way to scrub the CO2 out of the atmosphere. Maybe we could switch to geothermal and nuclear fuel for electricty generation instead of coal (too easy). If there's something else we did from 1998 to now that offset the CO2, maybe that's the key to mitigating 'anthro-global warming', not crazy trading schemes Goldman Sachs can game or government policies that intrude on the basic right of every woman.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Heisman Trophy Ceremony

The Heisman Final 5 Suh, Ingram, McCoy, Tebow, and Gerhart are in NY, waiting for word on who won. Suh put on an impressive display in primetime to not only give himself a boost, but to destroy the chances of McCoy. I can't remember one player simultaneously vaulting himself to NY and ruining another player's chances of winning in one game. Suh's performance also cemented his spot in the top 3 in next year's NFL Draft. It would be great to see a defensive player win the Heisman, and just a short while ago, I said he wouldn't even be invited despite deserving votes. Usually, the Heisman is a bit lame as it seems preordained, but this year it is wide frickin' open.

It should be written that voters who mailed in their ballots before the end of the season deserve a smackdown. An award about the entire season should wait for the end of the season. C.J. Spiller put on a show in the ACC championship. McCoy and Suh still had to play that night. No one should have voted after the SEC title game. It is also very obvious that no one should be voting for Tim Tebow, but he will still get votes. It is laughable how stubborn human beings can be, and how territorial & loyal people can be even with silly awards in sports.

C'mon Suh!

Immigrant Story - Happy Hannukah

This is a nice reflection on one's family making the decision to 'come to America'. One of my best friends in college was an early 90s Russian immigrant. He too was Jewish so this article really sounded similar to some of his stories. Ilya spoke of how the Soviets lifted the ban on religion, and this created a firestorm of enthusiasm and action by his relatives. To paraphrase him, they crammed thousands of years of Torah study into 10 minute puppet shows.

Happy Hannukah Ilya.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jersey Shore Giveth...

One of the bright spots of Jersey Shore is Snooki. She is a pint sized version of the Italian Catholic America Princess/Guidette. She has not done anything 'bitchy' yet but did get drunk. I don't care about that, and I give her credit for not having the bitchy side that the other self proclaimed 'sweethearts' do in that house. This video is on the Net of her. Just made me laugh.

Mtv's The Ruins: The Final Challenge

As health care reform potentially dies for 2009 in the Senate, I must divert my attention just for an hour to watch the RW/RR Challenge: The Ruins wrap up. C'mon Olympia Snowe, Joe Lieberman and a random 2nd Democrat, kill it! The final squads were 2 ladies vs. 1 lady, one clever guy, a slightly dim good guy and two gigantic assholes. The core of jerks and Evan on the champions team did a great job of eliminating all men on the other team w/o putting themselves at risk in any Ruins challenges. They had only one lady left on their squad, because they oddly thought MTV would just make the final challenge a physical one, and were up against the two toughest females on the other team. It never dawned on them that MTV might throw obstacles at them that might require more than brute strength. MTV's editors get an A+ for the entire season, and they did a good job here as well. This came down to the wire, or so we are to believe.

The final course was a serious of challenges. First up, eat gross things. The challengers (2 ladies) wolfed down the gross bugs, tofu, and poop (maybe), as the team with 4 men made little kid puke faces. Hahahaha, losers. The Champs even got lost looking for the 2nd challenge. The next challenge was crawling through mud. Seriously, the lone female on the Champ team made this look like it was so difficult while everyone else rocked it. It's frickin' mud. Crawl for the $$$ you fame whore. There was a jigsaw puzzle, which was fun to watch them try. I have to give the challengers credit, they worked as a unit and supported one another. Next was a bamboo balance challenge. This is where the Challengers lost it. Kelly Anne moved like a 4 yr old. She was awful. Her delay cost them the money. Because of her delay, the other squad made up time and the final challenge: stack 'em puzzle killed them. The Champs had Susie and Evan who are smart, and they figured out the puzzle in 25 mins (max time is 30). The Challengers had Sarah, clever, and Kelly Anne, not clever. KA spent more time saying this is hard and I dont know than she did trying to solve it. They never did so they had to wait the full 30 mins and then carry blocks back before they could go for the final run. Sadly, the bamboo balance slowness killed them. They do that quicker, the puzzle 30 mins isn't a killer.

The Champs won, and sadly, the douche triumvirate of Kenny-Evan-Johnny won prize money of 30K on top of the 20K they already had. Kenny and Johnny have horrible attitudes towards women and are barely decent to other men. MTV should go back to the individual format of challenges or make teams mixed of vets and newbies. This will make the competition a bit more balanced and unpredictable. I like the individual comps as well since it is a bit more nasty. MTV reality whores should be nasty to one another. I don't like this lovey dovey team crap. I was not supporting the Champs as I felt the Challengers had the two people who had earned the money the most. Sarah and Kelly Anne had defeated multiple women in the Ruins challenges and busted their ass every challenge. I enjoyed what they brought to the season as well. Sarah was fresh blood, energetic and MTV canned "raw" at times. She also really thrived in the setting. She enjoyed it for what it was: a competition where they pay for your food, booze, and lodgings. Kelly Anne came to compete with the jacked up muscles and was wonderful eye candy (no way, me find a brunette attractive???). I look forward to next season, which I hear is another installment of "Fresh Meat". This will add new blood to the MTV RW/RR family. Until then, I'll have to settle for Jersey Shore.

Someone Else Linked It Only Better

Deadspin has a piece up that is a countdown of the top 10 ridiculous things from the SI article on Tiger Woods that I linked to as the first brick in the Tiger myth. Each photo accompanies a passage that should embarrass SI.

Project Grizzly Lives!

Project Grizzly still exists. He is still working on new suits of anti-bear armor. This man is certifiably insane. If you need a good laugh, rent this documentary, get stoned and make some popcorn. This is an absolute joke of a research project, and it is kind of sad that the Canadian government has given him money for his 'research'. The best scenes are when he is testing his suit by launching logs at it and shooting at it.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Foolproof Way for Nerdy Yet Physically Attractive Men to Have Sex

This study is rather sad to read about, and supports some stereotypes of nerds. I can help nerd men find ways to 'mate'. Look at the comments section of the 'parapundit' entry I linked to, the nerds call it mating or breeding. Bad. Side note: part of the problem is that parents lavish their smart kids with constant praise for being smart which further pushes them down the nerd road. Nerds are just as egotistical as jocks. The study said studio art majors were the most likely to get down. You might already know where I am going with this.

1. Take studio art classes, art history classes, design, photography, and other art inclined classes.
2. Pretend to be a shy gay man who is a virgin. Women open up to gay men really fast.
3. Make friends with 'art' girls in non-threatening way. Study says they are the best bet for f*cking.
4. When alone with them & talking about art, philosophy or whatever, make her feel smarter than you.
5. Say "I've never felt this way about a girl, but you are so attractive and appealing, I'm so confused", give her pupy dog eye look. Maybe fake tears.
6. Have sex for the semester covertly but break up because while you can have sex with her, you'll never love her because you still think that in a romantic and soul mate way, you're still gay. Say "If I were straight, it'd definitely be with you".
7. Repeat the next semester in a new class.

This is horrible. This is despicable. This works. Lying and manipulating people are bad things. If you are a nerd who can't get laid at all, try alternative routes. Take desperate measures. Sometimes the ends can justify the means. I discussed this multistep plan with my wife, and she admitted it would be hard to resist.

1. Appeals to college girls' need to feel smart.
2. Appeals to their vanity that a gay man might possibly turn away from the love that dare not speak its name for her. This is a conquest or challenge for them. Even after you ditch them, they will tell their friends they 'turned' a gay guy once. I have heard that exact phrase "turned a gay guy".
3. You establish an emotional intimacy and connection prior to contact as you go the gay friend route. Seriously, why the hell do women open up to gay men so quickly?

If all else fails, just wait 5-10 years for your big bucks to roll in. By then, you'll be able to buy a mail order bride.

All I want for Christmas...

For Me

is a 5 day period at home drama free, at least delusion free.

is a 30 min period with my immediate family where they don't softly guilt trip me about living 1000 miles away.

is for people to stop using the phrase madonna/whore complex because they heard it in a Feminist Theory class once 10 years ago. I hear them indirectly, and always think they are saying madonna is a whore, affirming their statement instinctively.

For the World at Large

is the 'public option' to die, maybe all of this phony health care reform.

is cap n trade carbon trading scam legislation to die a quick death.

is unemployment to drop back to those horrible Bush era numbers of 5 or 6%.

is good luck and good shooting for the 30,000 additional troops going to Afganistan.

is a night of peace and a feeling of safety for all abused kids out there so they can dream of a merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Vows and Promises - Tiger Style

The schadenfreude is at max levels. Five months ago, I would have believed in aliens before reading about Tiger Woods shtupping not one, but two porn performers. This entry title says it all for me, "you have got to be god damn kidding me". I can't type porn star if I have never heard of them. As the writer typed, how is a billionaire athlete tapping not one but two ugly porn girls behind his wife's back? I think somewhere in the marriage contract, unless you've set up an open marriage, it says that you can't bang other people, especially people in the sex industry.

Now I am not saying cheating is OK, but in the weird moral pyramid in my soul and/or brain, cheating with one person is better than with multiple people, and cheating with multiple people is better than cheating with multiple sex industry workers. One would assume there are different feelings of betrayal and humiliation involved with the multiple partners and then with the multiple porn actresses while pregnant twice played out in modern media. WWTDD the website hits it on the head with the latest floozy. Tiger should have been checking to make sure she was a 'she' first. What was his check list: fake boobs, check, bad face, check, trashy look, check, somehow connected to a shady night time industry, check?????

I'm throwing this out there, but what if there is a Spitzer element? What if Tiger is dropping down in class or status of partners because there is something that Tiger enjoys that is abnormal? At this point, if a love child is out there, I will not be surprised. Is there a tranny out there who has 'dated' Tiger? What else is going to crawl out of the slime that is his philandering other side. Cee-lo sang it best "Closet freak". This is not news nor is it any of our business, but god damn is it hilarious to see the fast, public slide of a false god.

Between this and Jersey Shore, I have not been able to formulate a good essay on Iran. I've been meaning to type one as the Iranians are giving Obama and the West the middle finger, and with increase of troops in Afganistan to be 100K total, the US will have over 200K troops on either side of Iran.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Bad Parenting

Over the years, I have grown more disgusted by the mainstreaming of borderline abusive behavior with children and sports. It's rather horrible how much money parents waste on children and sports. I mean waste as in buying $200 baseball bats that kids outgrow in 2 years when they will not play baseball even at the college level. It is a national obsession that has created 'stage parent' behavior in a much larger realm of childhood: sports.

There is the baby boomer issue of competition for status. Having your child succeed at sports is just another outlet for that. God forbid they just enjoy sports; they have to be the best at all costs. Part of the problem is 'success' stories from over the top, psychotic parents like Tiger Woods' dad, the Williams sisters' dad, Martina Hingis' mom, looking at it maybe every tennis players' parent. Does anyone think an 8 year old really wants to hit 1000 tennis balls each day? Does anyone think a toddler wants to hit a golf ball with real clubs? No. These are parental ambitions expressed through their child. Stage parents.

Previously, or at least I think previously, I blogged about an article on Todd Marinovich, and how it should be must read material for all parents of little athletes. It's a cautionary tale of pushing kids too hard. Marinovich's childhood sounds eerily similar to Tiger Woods' in that he has weird training that no kid should go through and an obsessed father/enabling mother. One is demonized, the other glorified.

Here's an example of Marinovich training: "A vision specialist made Todd wear prism glasses, stand on a balanced beam in a darkened room, and bounce a ball while reciting multiplication tables".

Here's Tiger Woods' golf training: "two years of psychological boot camp during which Earl dropped golf bags and pumped cart brakes during Tiger's backswings, jingled change and rolled balls across his line of vision to test his nerves".

One is a famous flame out, the other is the most famous athlete in the world. The results should not color how the process is evaluated. The Marinovich story is a cautionary tale. Why is Papa Marinovich's behavior becoming mainstream? Maybe not to the detail of diet and training, but overtraining for 9 year olds with .01% chance of becoming a pro athlete. Tiger's childhood from baby stage to present was not much different. What does a 12-18 month old gain from swinging a golf club? How does a parent start training a 3 year old how to answer questions from the media and think it is OK? I'd love to be his shrink, as there is a treasure trove of things to discuss. There's an economics term called 'opportunity cost', and this comes to mind here. What if the Woods family had encouraged Tiger down a different path? Even just being more easy going might have created a different golfer and definitely a different person. At what cost did that process, that special psycho training, rob him of being a more normal overachiever?

Just reading the SI article I linked to earlier this week, you will read quotes from a parent who either is the greatest con man-promoter in the world or is a true beliver that his child will change the world more than Gandhi and Buddha. I believe he was a true believer. Part of his zealot behavior could be attributed to a need to believe that what he did was worth it. Who else would be drilling a toddler to play an old man's game, handling reporters and then pimping him on talk shows? He crossed a line, and created a storyline of destiny that would validate his actions. He repeated it enough that he did believe it. In a lighter way, this behavior is going on across our nation. Parents may not admit it, but Tiger is that example they can point to in order to rationalize their behavior. There are far more flame outs than there are Tigers. Parents should pay attention.

This video is of Tiger at 3 on the Mike Douglas show. You know that at 2, Tiger wasn't arranging this appearance...

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Advice for Tiger Woods

1. Don't cheat. You're photographed daily; it will be hard to hide
2. Learn to lock your cell phone
3. Target people who have something to lose or low self esteem (the Kirby Puckett method)
4. Don't leave voicemails
5. Don't send dirty texts
6. Use codewords and nicknames
7. When caught, get between your wife and weaponry
8. You have a prenup, don't renegotiate it
9. Don't do freaky sex on the side. Do that with your wife
10. Stay away from girls with collagen lips

Koala Bear

If I could have a Koala as a pet, I would. They sleep a lot, hang on trees, and eat. I think they'd be great on a Sunday afternoon watching the NFL.

Bear Rankings

1. Polar Bear
2. Koala Bear
3. "Little Bear" - Pomeranian
One more...

Jersey Shore Episode 1

Every single thing about Jersey Shore is worthy of commentary, and the proper viewing of it is on DVR so you can rewind and pause. A running MST3K commentary is needed. This is virtually "Real World: Jersey Shore", where they live together for 1 month. 8 guidos and guidettes live together from all over the Italian diaspora of the northeastern part of the Atlantic Coast. Every horrible stereotype is included. At least one guy is 29, and another looks older but that might be the tanning and roided up hairline making him look older. The women, if you can call them that, have weird tans, weird hair, tons of self confidence, and this lightswitch sweetie-bitch setting.

- They all have nicknames. It's automatic. As one guy meets a girl, instead of asking her name he says "Wass your nickname?" There's Jwoww, Jolie, Pauly D, the Situation, and Snooki.

- They manage to say Snooki in every way but Snooki. They say snickers, sneakers, snookums, sneaky, etc. It's a running joke for all viewers.

- Duck phone + retarded guidette princess = comedy gold

- "you gotta work out, then shower, get ya hair cut, then wait to iron yer shirt and shave right before you leave so you look fresh" - That's how you prep the day of going out for a guy.

- They could do an episode of them just getting ready to go out. 20 bottles of product per hairdo, including the guys.

- This subculture is open about steroids as the guys talk about it, and the girls love juiceheads. Yup, just what we need, positive talk about steroids.

- "The Situation" might be the perfect example of a butterface for men. This dude juices quite a bit to get his arms huge, and has super skinny legs and a fug face. He might bein his 20s but looks mid 30s. He's an idiot as well. He loves the word situation. Not just because it's his nickname but it's the biggest word he knows and uses. During one stretch he uses it 4 times in 2 sentences.

- They really love tanning. Men and women. They have tanning equipment in their homes. They are gross.

- One girl has the worst fake boobs I've seen outside of a strip club. Bolted on, dont move, could fit a remote control between them. She's also fugly, has a 50 yr old cigarette smoker's voice and has blonde streaks in her dark hair. Gross.

- Cast member Vinny seems decent. He makes fun of the overprocessed guys that he will share a house with, and has a funny personality. I laugh with him more than laugh at him, which is unlike the rest of dem guys.

- There is an all natural girl on the show, and she looks just like the woman from "Property Virgins". Just like her. I will find pics. She talks about being all natural and the Kim Kardasian of statten island, as if that is a good thing. It's not. You're not, but I'll give you props for not tanning and not buying upgrades.

- Two people throw up on the 1st episode, one semi-fight, one girl makes out with two different cast mates, multiple middle figners are thrown, and multiple girls get in the hot tub with only their undies on. Kind of gross.

- The instant best friends or couple kind of happens, which makes me laugh on every real world season. Stupid. "Ohmagahhd yous guys are the best people in da world". That's the kind of shit that gets said on this show. "No one pushes my boy", so you get in a fight because someone pushes your housemate that you just met 24 hours ago. Lame.

- One college grad in the house. No word on any of the others. Don't worry he still lives with his mom, and she cries when he leaves the house to go to the Shore.

- These girls still baby the guys in the house and when they are out. One actually walks a guy back to his place after he throws up at the house. WTF???? Men walk women back so they don't walk back alone. She cleans up after him when he throws up.

- Looks like a decent chunk of them can cook, so this might be the best fed group of real worlders ever.

- Essentials for packing: hair product, face cream, lip gloss, and protein shake mix... yeah that about does it.

- The girls all swore at other cars during their drives to the house. Brilliant editing.

- They wear their crosses. Some big ones. I am bummed none of them have the cross that is so big you see Jesus flexing on it like some Italians I knew. Jesus died for your sins and had a 6 pack.

- Fist pumping is a form of dance? Italians still love house music? 70s hot pants are still worn by young women? All news to me.

This is mindless human zoo TV. Turn your brain off and just laugh at these idiots. I do think this will be a ratings success, and I do expect them to do a full 3 month Jersey Shore if this does well next summer. If you wondered why Italian American groups were against this show, stop wondering. The only negative stereotype missing is a mob element.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

70s Pop Mastery from Ambrosia

"when the pain of love surrounds you, and the world may be unkind, i'll put my luvin arms around you and take you far from this place and time"

Now I know that's incredibly cheeseball. I know that most of the members of Ambrosia had perms or farrah fawcett hairdos. I just can't shake how that is a wonderful, little nugget of what runs through your mind at moments.

Robotic Limbs

Robotic limbs are on the horizon and this gives hopes to many amputees out there. This study is a step, and hopefully, research can keep the momentum going. This could make leg amputees re-learn walking much easier. This robotic arm looks even more menacing. It is straight out of the Terminator!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Words of Wisdom from the Mad Men Creator

"What's sexist in the office is fuel in the bedroom" - Matthew Weiner.

Marilyn Monroe + Pilgrim Outfit = Awesome

Gay Marriage Rejected by NY

NY had the chance to give the OK to gay marriage. Not through a referendum, but through a vote in the state senate. Democrats hold a 32-30 advantage in the Senate. Sadly, the majority leader could not hold his boys in line. The vote went 38-24 against the measure, with 8 Dems defecting to vote against it. This is a shocker.

NY is a heavy blue state. Even with 30 GOP members in the Senate, the GOP in the Northeast is often referred to as the Rockefeller Wing or the RINO wing. This does not apply to all, but many northeast GOP members are socially moderate or even liberal. Even with a straight party line vote, the Dems should have carried the day. Twas not the case. Gay marriage has had success when through the legislature or courts, never a referendum (0 for 31). One would think it's an easy sell. This is a smaller potatoes issue for a state like NY that is dealing with a revenue-budget crisis, banking fraud, and strains on social welfare program with the rising unemployment facing NYC. This should have been a simple party line vote with the Gov's signature and smile within the week.

What do those politicians have to fear? Does this really offend their base? If so, does that speak more about their voting blocs than it does their beliefs? One politician from the Bronx voted against gay marriage. Is he that fearful of being challenged by a GOP candidate in the next election? I doubt it. He might fear a left flank attack a la Joe Lieberman in Ct. This seems very strange. What is playing out here is a mini version of our current Congress. The Dems have the number to do what they want there, but they do not out of spinelessness (is that a word?). Show some backbone. Like the snowball rolling down the hill, it can start with a small roll. While I disagreed with many things Tom Delay and Trent Lott's Congress did, at least they had the spines and guts to get their men and women to toe the line and vote anything through.

The "politicians are weak" line is a bit tired. There might be something to the specific districts these folks represent. Maybe gay marriage is more of a "stuff white people like" topic? I'm for gay rights, as I have stated many times over, but maybe it's because I'm an overeducated white person. Not really, but this might be lower on the totem pole for many people. It might be lower on the totem pole for many incumbent politicians who fear the anti-incumbent wave sweeping the nation. This is a freezing element for many politicians as they fear anything can be used against them. Even safe district pols from the party that has promised civil rights to gays for decades.
***The above picture is the talented Scott Thompson who was the first gay person to register on my adolescent gaydar. He is hilarious, can play super butch straight, and is a Canadian. I still will sit and watch a Kids in the Hall (HBO era) episode because he will definitely make me laugh.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tool Academy Strikes Again

Tool Academy Strikes Again! This is part of the latest non-news story that the media treats like important news: Tiger Woods and his marital problems. Tiger Woods decided to cheat on his beautiful wife with some heiress/nightclub skank. That is just the beginning. More women are coming out of the woodwork, claiming affairs. One lady is claiming a 31 month long affair with 20 sexual encounters. She claims to have voicemails and texts to prove it. Who is it? A girlfriend of a season one contestant on Tool Academy. Yup, she's supplying info to US Weekly.

Here's to standards. Tiger Tiger Tiger, you're a billion dollar athlete with a unique look. If you do anything, you will be photographed. Women will find you. You're on TV quite a bit. Make sure if you step out, that interloper has something to lose as well. Idiot. Let's now discuss the Jaimee Grubbs character pictured above. She kind of looks like Blair from the Facts of Life. She was the girl who showed up for TA with a boyfriend but found out he had another, longer term girlfriend behind her back. Yeah, she dated 'flock of seagulls' guy. The most despicable and psychotic guy from the first class of TA. How does a woman fool around with Tiger Woods and Flock of Seagulls guy at the same time? Have some standards. One is a billionaire sports icon. One has a hairstyle showcased below.

This is not news. I do find a little glee in this though, which is media inspired. The sports media, which is one step above or sideways from entertainment media, has created this Tiger Woods persona that is Jesus Christ with a putter ("blood of four races in his veins"). His was a destiny to change the world. I always viewed him as a machine raised from toddler days to be the perfect golfer by an obsessed dad (like Todd Marinovich only successful). I was wrong, as was SI. He's not going to change the world in a significant way nor is he a machine. He is a man. A common man with common desires. The carefully constructed mask is broken. It's nice to know he is human, but to many people, you were a realization of the abstract that if you work hard enough, you can be the greatest at anything. I enjoy watching him compete, and I'll enjoy watching him squirm under the microscope.