Thursday, November 05, 2009

Scattered Thoughts on Plastic Surgery

Caught up on a show I had missed while back home last week and then this week's episode. There is a young woman on the show who has breast implants. There's no mistaking it, and she is open about it as this is an MTV show. She was wearing a tight, low cut tank top and they looked awful. It was as if she lost so much bodyf at for the competition that it was just skin around the implant. She's very thin, and with full clothing on or the right bathing suit, they look fantastic. Whenever she does the one on one camera confessionals, it's awkward because they look terrible. Once again, sad was I that another woman in America felt the need to stuff foreign objects into her body to fit some odd ideal. Work with what the good Lord gave you.

People forget that their nose is that long for a reason, it fills the space between your eyes and mouth.

She obviously didn't go to Dr. Li. Go to Dr. Li's 'services' section for 'breast augmentation'. This woman makes the implants look real. My wife sporadically watches the Dr. 90210 show that Dr.Li was on for a while and always marvels at her work. She might be more effective in talking women out of going a size too big for their skin. She might also do a lot of under the muscle implants and have good placement skills. I don't like watching surgery shows, and plastic surgery shows weird me out because of the way the surgeons make the body look like a manipulated doll. I can watch fat pulled out of someone's ass during a lipo procedure, and I would love to see a surgeon put his or her foot on the person's hips to really get leverage to pull the fat out. Like "lemme get a good grip". I don't like seeing objects stuffed into the body. Whether a bridge piece for a nose or calf implants (f-ing gross), it's not suppose to be in there and makes me uneasy. Am I alone with this?

Silicone eventually needs to be replaced.

Plastic surgery does make me sad when it is not for burn victims or reconstructive surgeries for sick or injured people. In those instances, it makes the person feel whole again like breast reconstruction after a masectomy or facial reconstruction after a car accident or fire. When there is not the obvious event X which leads to surgery Y, I feel sad hearing about it. For a person to hate what they see everyday in the mirror, so much as to want to change it in a radical way, is truly depressing. Besides the stop aging movement, there's somethign wrong with 18-25 year olds getting surgery. Accounting for years where they have been mature, they've had what 4-8 years to hate what they see. No number of surgeries, no number of touch ups, no matter how firm, symmetrical, straight, cute, round that things look, they'll never fix what's the true source of unhappiness.

Do you want to end up like Latoya or Michael Jackson?

I'll wrap this up with a personal anecdote. Forgive me if I've typed it before, and my wife has heard the story, so she can stop reading. In the midst of a relationship with a spoiled brat from NY, i was complimenting her as she walked by me in her dorm room (Cascadilla Hall). I was staring at her chest (some things don't change), and she stopped me to come clean about her breast implants. 1. I didn't give a shit and 2. it was week 4 of 'dating', no need for this. It obviously meant something to her as she had this serious look that gave way to a look of pride. She explained that she had run track & been a tomboy. She thought when she stopped running, her boobs would finally 'come in'. Sadly, in her eyes, it was not the case. She was a nice girl, but a spoiled, overindulged brat. She had shapely legs, a great bum, was cute and fit. That was not enough. She got them done going into her sophomore year at age 19. Under the muscle, proportional to her body, tiny armpit incision which they filled the implant after their put it in, and voila she was not a slim pear anymore but a balanced, slender hourglass.

No matter how good something fake looks, how it triggers that connection in the brain for 'good aesthetics', how much it feels like the real thing, it isn't. We'll keep trying to get closer to the real thing, but it's just rubber, plastic and craftsmanship. It's like a great dream where you try to grab a hold of a lover but they evaporate or you can't see well so you try to open your eyes wider and you just wake up.

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"AG" said...

If you watch classic films you'll see that the sirens of the day were natural and drop dead gorgeous. You can't cosmetically add charisma.