Sunday, November 01, 2009

Presidential Diaries

I finished the Reagan Diaries. It was extremely interesting and entertaining to read about the day to day in the life of the POTUS. I really hope Clinton & W kept daily diaries during their 8 years, as they would be great to read & mine for info after their deaths. Even though the daily entries are light and more of a recap of the day, you can see an evolution in, for example, Reagan's attitudes with negotiating and handling the Soviets.


5. He was serious about confronting the Soviets and ending Communism. He was very conscious of making the bad guys worried or scared.

4. He felt awful that the media forever made him out to be horrible towards minorities, especially blacks. It truly seemed to bother him.

3. The daily threats, concerns, attacks, skirmishes brought to a POTUS' attention are relentless and nonstop.

2. Alexander Haig was a first class jerk. If you read this diary, you will understand why he did the whole "I'm in charge" stunt when Reagan was shot, despite the fact that VP Bush was still alive and well.

1. He deeply loved his wife. It comes across loud and clear.

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