Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not Selling Out

A friend of mine has recently been published in 3 newspapers. Here in the Philly Inquirer, here in the Christian Science Monitor and here in Roll Call. Three essays that he sent me and other friends through email and later submitted to papers. The guy is on fire. He also has the day job of working with Congress. It's great to see him doing what he said he wanted to do in college. My wife jokes that he and I are two old women when we talk on Sundays. Look, football, politics and women can take up 3 hours between friends. I swear sometimes he uses me for opposition research and to check his theories. Few of my college friends have stayed true to the ideals they used to endlessly spout off at every frickin' lunch, dinner, and party. I shot him a note about this. You have to do what makes you happy. He does. You may not have the material wealth of others, but there's a huge benefit to enjoying what you do. He's sublet countless apartments in DC and keeps his wardrobe to a few suitcases or duffle bags in size, but has mental & emotional wealth.

The future journalist/editor who was editor of the Cornell Daily Sun... now a lawyer.
The future sports journalist... now a lawyer.
The future history professor... now a lawyer.
The future lawyer who everyone made fun of for blatantly wishing to be a lawyer... now a lawyer.

Me? I'm living the dream. Stay thirsty my friends.

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