Monday, November 09, 2009

MTV's The Ruins: Ruining on Empty

That's not my own blog title, that's the actual name of an episode. They have been using puns recently in this RW/RR Challenge.

Now for an update as 3 more episodes have aired of MTV's The Ruins. Here's some observations and then a discussion of Tonya...

1. Tonya had one of the greatest quotes in MTV history: "You can make fun of me, yeah I get drunk & stupid & I fight & occasionally a boob falls out, but I have a line... & you crossed it". She is 30, looks 40, and acts 20.
2. If you do a show in Thailand, on the coast, you might want to know how to swim and feel OK in the water. Multiple people had problems.
3. No one should compete on these shows after age 35, and I would be open to lowering that to 30. Make it like "Logan's Run".
4. The final Ruins competitions have been entertaining and creative. Not all are brute strength, which might help end the steroids whispers as bulk is not purely rewarded. Cohutta, the little hick, has taken down Wes (best male competitor) and Syrus (old but much bigger/stronger) in back to back weeks.
5. The spool challenge was great as you had to be conditioned, strong, agile and smart to get the pattern right to undo the tied ropes in the proper order. One of the most interesting elimination challenges ever.
6. Susie & Johanna laughing at Veronica when Susie called her "chunks" behind her back revealed in a nutshell how evil the MTV RW/RR girls are. She's got meat on her bones, and she's supposedly 31 (I doubt it). She looks great. She's not an anorexic stick.
7. I'm waiting for Dunbar to unleash the beast and crush someone in a challenge. C'mon Dunbar!
8. Syrus is a retard if he did not anticipate the screw job that Johnny set up on him. He is a dope to not play the 'you haven't faced anyone' card. A guy his age should know better.
9. Tonya smacked Veronica around during a heated fight and was sent home. This even brought up the mocking of Tonya from years earlier about her masturbating in front of others. Looked like she was pulling it back but then smacked her twice and took her to the ground by her hair. Hitting another player gets you removed from the show. End of her run.

I ended with that observation as Tonya's situation shows what is wrong with the people who go on MTV-VH1 produced reality television in most instances. Tonya has substance issues as she is always drunk. She has anger management issues and tons of leftover residue from her foster care time. She constantly has health issues. She's currently going through a divorce. Why would a person going through all of that choose to go to a place surrounded by people they have slept with, had fights with, or shared extreme emotions either way with and isolated from the world? Why do people do this? Why do people leave kids behind for months for a TV show? Is it the money? The money is not much on these shows. The fame? It might be like 1970s porn stars who could say they were on film in theaters. It's sad, but she does bring it on herself. Who knows if she views this RW/RR group of idiots as if they were a family. The dysfunction of the RW/RR cast members might be a magnet for her. MTV should pay for her counseling. I would think the folks at MTV and the production crew might want to select with a more cautious eye next time they do a reunion challenge (fall of 2010). The drinking, sex, roids and emotion can create good programming, but also can create 'personal crisis' situations. One year, something will go horribly wrong.

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