Sunday, November 15, 2009

KSM Being Tried in NYC

The no. 3 Al Qaeda guy that we captured in pakistan, worked over with waterboarding and revealed mucho information to our CIA is not going to be tried in the special military tribunals the Bush-Cheney team created for terrorists, but instead is going to be on trial in NYC. This will be a circus. I'm worried that everyday will bring chances of small time or big time attacks. I'm worried for all of the same reasons listed in the linked article.

Trying this terrorist in a civilian court strikes me as troubling from the government's case standpoint. Does Miranda apply to him? Can he have his confession thrown out if a sitting judge is sympathetic to waterboarding being considered torture? If there is no confession, what is the government's case? Is it the word of other terrorists? What happens if we have to reveal classified information that could cause good sources to dry up? What if a country that portrays itself as unfriendly has been secretly very friendly to us with nabbing terrorists, but with exposure, they will now have to own up to it & potentially have trouble back home? What do we have to gain from this vs. a military tribunal set up specifically for terrorists? What is the pay off?

Lastly, what if he walks? Seriously, what if he goes free and is acquitted? I hope that would never happen, as I trust NYers would be so inflamed they will say guilty no matter what, but one never knows.

Update: This guy nails it on the head here.

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