Saturday, November 07, 2009

From Hell (film)

You make a cake for someone's birthday. Everything is carefully crafted, you have a great cake mix, you use the perfect frosting, you even inject some strawberry filler into it for a nice touch. Using tools, you have a nice message on the top wishing them happy birthday. You need a nice frosting flower on the corner, and you look around. After a long search, you just grab a well shaped flower made out of shit. No one remembers the great cake because that piece of shit. It's the bad odor lingering in the room as everyone eats their piece of cake. No one can bring up the cake in the future because of the horrid memory of that piece of shit flower in the corner.

From Hell is that well crafted cake. Heather Graham is that, very visible & well shaped piece of shit.

Please stop, Heather, before you kill more movies.

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