Monday, November 23, 2009

Finally People are Slowing Down

It took a horrible recession and the cutting off of consumer credit lines, but finally people are holding spending to a constant or are lowering spending habits. This has been in the works for months, but I was afraid Christmas would get the addicts back in action. There are sad details in this article, and many can be traced back to the massive inflation we have endured in the last 20 years from education, medical and home costs. We are not alone as other nations follow right in our footsteps, but when you look at a basic like housing, it is staggering how out of whack it is compared to incomes. Let's hope that this is the only Christmas of Nothing, and that we can get back on our feet as an economy in a year's time.

My department at work is not adopting a family this year, but we are collecting items for a family support center. I'm excited to get some items and start knocking stuff off that list. I will not buy one thing for certain: boy's pants. They put in a request for kids pants and then for the older boys pants with a waist of 38-46. You read that right forty-fucking-six! No pants for fatties. If you didn't eat so much, your family could afford basics like toothbrushes (that's on the list).

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"AG" said...

"No pants for fatties." So sad that there are kids that large, but a funny comment!