Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall of the Berlin Wall

The History Channel just did a 2 hour special on the Wall, and it was very entertaining and informative. The daring escapes were really intriguing. They shot people to keep them in. They put up barb wire, walls and fences to keep them in. That's not an opposing economic and social system... that's a prison.

Good article on the fall of communism here. Mentions multiple nonfiction books that will make it on my Christmas list.

Too bad we did not send our POTUS to Germany to mark the end of the wall. I bet the Germans appreciated seeing Hill there. She's cool. No, Barry, this doesn't involve you at all. Stop bringing everything back to you. The weirdest thing about his comment is that the destruction of the Communist regime has nothing to do with hs 'special destiny' as POTUS. It was the liberation of millions from the oppression of Communist thugs.

Here's a real speech...

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