Sunday, November 15, 2009

ESPN 30 for 30: Da U is Coming!!!!

Drugs, sports, Miami and bright orange uniforms: Da U is coming. The director of the documentary "Cocaine Cowboys", filmed a documentary on the 1980s Miami Hurricanes' football team. The suspense is killing me; I hope it lasts. The ESPN 30 for 30 series has been entertaining to watch, and a native Miamian handling an epoch he has already tackled and a team of notoriety like Da U is too enticing to pass up.

Someone decided to take my Marion Jones movie idea and run with it. Instead of turning it into a great fictional movie; ESPN's 30 for 30 is handling her tale of rise and fall (and rebirth). John Singleton is in charge of it. I dislike John Singleton's work, Marion Jones constant duplicity going back to high school, and how NIKE used Marion Jones in 2000. Singleton can't avoid the fact that everyone in her circle was busted as well, so I don't know how he'll paint her out as the victim. She made that choice as did Regina Jacobs, Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds. At least the baseball guys did not break a sport rule, just a law. She violated Olympic rules and law.

I do question this 30 for 30 doc on the South African rugby team. Doesn't Clint Eastwood have a movie coming out about the same event called Invictus? Is Disney trying to steal Warner Bros thunder by doing this documentary? Confusing to say the least.

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