Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dana Delany

I'd never watch Desperate Housewives, but I've got to admit, Dana Delaney has been pulling it down whenever I have channel surf by and she is onscreen. I had a crush on her in the China Beach era, and of course enjoyed her work in Tombstone as the fair actress. Seeing her in leather for Exit to Eden worked too, which somehow got my 15 year old mind going despite or because of the leather, elbow length gloves, whip, garter belt and thigh highs. Great name too, like out of the 1940s Hollywoodland days with the alliteration. Secretly, I love redheads. I blame Daphne on Scooby Doo.

I'm not going to be naive and think she has had no work done. She claims yoga & wine, woohoo. Whatever she has had done, it looks natural & fantastic (similar to Raquel Welch's aging). To piggyback on my recent post on plastic surgery, she appears to be allowing time to work on her. She didn't do a misguided implant procedure, but I'd be willing to believe a lift was done. She was very 'the smart one' pretty earlier in her career, and as she has aged, is very I'm-your-friend's-mom-that-you-fantasize-about-and-secretly-hope-her-husband-dies-of-a-heart-attack-leaving-her-a-single-widow'. Whatever the secret to her classy look, and whatever the fantasy I concoct in my head, here is a salute to you Dana.

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Davion said...

I love Dana! You should definitely start watching Desperate Housewives, just to see Dana, she's awesome on that show and the only reason I watch! Btw its Delany, theres only one e!